Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners

Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners in 2024 | Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Jewelry Steam Cleaners have emerged as the modern-day saviors for jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike. These ingenious devices harness the power of steam to breathe new life into your precious gems, offering a simple yet highly effective solution for maintaining the beauty and brilliance of your jewelry collection.

By using high-pressure steam, these cleaners are capable of removing dirt, oils, and grime from even the tiniest crevices of your jewelry, leaving your gems sparkling and your accessories looking as if they just left the jeweler’s showcase. The convenience and efficiency of jewelry steam cleaners have made them an indispensable tool for anyone who values the luster and allure of their cherished adornments.

Jewelry is not just pieces of twisted metal. It can bring immense joy to its wearer while at the same time elevating their self-confidence. Whether it’s a family heirloom, a cherished gift, or a personal indulgence, it is something that holds immense sentimental and monetary value.

So it should come as no surprise that people would want to keep it spotless.

To keep your jewelry looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. But not just any cleaning method will do the trick.

That’s where jewelry steam cleaners come into play, promising to restore the sparkle and shine of your precious gems and metals.

But before we talk about the best jewelry steam cleaners, let’s explore the fascinating world of jewelry care and maintenance.

Jewelry Care and Maintenance

The basics of jewelry care:

  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Harsh chemicals can damage the delicate surfaces of your jewelry. It’s crucial to steer clear of ammonia, bleach, and other abrasive cleaning solutions.
  2. Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning is key to preserving the luster of your jewelry. Pollutants, oils, and grime can accumulate over time, causing your jewelry to lose its shine.
  3. Professional Cleaning: For intricate or valuable pieces, consider professional cleaning services. Jewelers have the expertise and tools to restore your jewelry’s brilliance.
  4. Store Properly: When you’re not wearing your jewelry, store it in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches and tarnishing.

Now that we’ve touched on the basics, let’s explore the shining stars of jewelry cleaning tools, jewelry steam cleaners.

What is a Jewelry Steam Cleaner?

It is a table-top-sized steam cleaner, that utilizes blasts of pressurized water to clean your jewelry. The user fills a water tank with tap water which is boiled thanks to an internal heating element.

Once the jewelry is placed in the designated area, the cleaning process begins. It can be used for both domestic and professional purposes hence proving its versatility.

The Advantages of Using a Jewelry Steam Cleaner


The machine does not use any sort of chemicals during any step of the cleaning process. Thus, you need not worry about your precious items getting damaged by any sort of abrasive cleaning solution.

Swift process

Wonderfully, it will not take half a day to polish up your jewelry. You can even do a quick clean up at the last minute before the party.

Old can once again become gold

It will come in very handy to you if you ever decide to sell your old jewelry or even try to restore an old family heirloom. It will bring back its shine in no time.

It keeps you healthy

Unlike other processes, steam cleaning does not leave behind any chemical residue. So there is nothing that can prove harmful to you. Furthermore, it will sanitize your piece, killing all the germs and bacteria that have collected on it over time.

It keeps your surroundings healthy as well

In the case of processes that leave behind a residue after the cleaning process, these residues will subsequently be discarded elsewhere. But in the case of a steam cleaner, that does not happen and the surroundings stay pollution-free.

What To Consider While Looking For a Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Jewelry is a far too precious commodity to be playing around with. You should always take precautions while cleaning your gems and there is no better way than using a steam cleaner.

Not only is it efficient, but the method of cleaning is also delicate as well, which makes it a good fit for almost all kinds of ornaments and stuff. Before you go out and splash the cash, there are some factors that you should consider.

1. Budget – You can find jewelry cleaners at each end of the price spectrum. So you ought to buy the right one considering your budget. All the products that we mentioned are great choices. So choose the one that suits your budget.

2. Features – You might have realized that each of the products has different features which makes them unique. Some people prefer high steam pressure while others may not. Therefore, we cannot recommend a solution that suits everyone. So choose the one that caters to your needs.

3. Design – Design certainly raises the visual appeal. Here again, the choice is individual. On a personal note, we recommend that you choose one with a big tank size.

4. Ultrasonic or Steam – Perhaps this question might pose the biggest challenge to the users. In terms of cleaning, there is pretty much nothing separating the two. However, the ultrasonic method uses a cleaning solution while the steam cleaner is natural.

Also, before making any purchase, be sure that you do take into account the reviews associated with the product.


  • There is no need to add any sort of chemicals or solutions. You might find products stating to be used alongside steam cleaners, but do not fall for it.
  • Clean the machine – it is imperative that you use hot water to clean the machine.
  • Also, choose a safe location to keep the machine.

Best Steam Cleaners for Jewelry – Our Top 4 Picks

After delving into the fascinating world of jewelry care and maintenance, you’re likely feeling the urge to indulge in a little sparkle-enhancing gadgetry. We totally get it! After all, car enthusiasts go to great lengths to keep their vehicles looking sharp, so why shouldn’t you pamper your precious gems and metals?

If you find yourself teetering on the edge of a decision, allow us to present a compelling list that’s bound to tip the scales in favor of acquiring one of these jewelry steam cleaners.

Steamfast SF-1000 JULE Steam Jewelry Cleaner

Steamfast SF-1000 JULE Steam Jewelry Cleaner , White

When Amazon marks a product as its choice, you know it’s something truly exceptional. The Gemoro 0375 Jewelry Steam Cleaner isn’t just a machine; it’s a brilliant alchemist that can turn your dull and dirt-covered rings into radiant treasures. The best part? You don’t need to be a jewelry expert to wield its magic. This gem-cleaning wizard features a 12 oz water tank that, in just around 4 minutes, transforms into a cloud of rejuvenating steam.


  • It is well equipped and comes along with a jewelry basket, holding tweezers, polish cloth and measuring cup that makes it a lot easier for you to use water.
  • That water heats up very quickly and lets you use it almost right away.
  • Perfect for people who are too afraid of gemstones from falling off the metal part of the jewelry.
  • The product is consistent and great for daily usage. Hence it is perfect for use in your store.
  • It has a splendid material build quality that will make it last for quite a long time without sustaining damage.

15 Minutes of Pure Jewelry Transformation

Once you’ve summoned the steam, it won’t vanish in a puff of smoke. For a generous 15 minutes, it’s your faithful companion in the quest for sparkling jewelry. Flip the switch, and the enchantment begins. What’s more, the Gemoro 0375 is here to cast away any confusion with its special LED indicators that signal when the cleaning spectacle starts and when it gracefully concludes.

A Sparkling Showcase of Features

The Gemoro 0375 doesn’t just stop at simplicity and reliability; it’s equipped with an ensemble of thoughtful features that make your jewelry-cleaning experience effortless and enjoyable. It arrives with a jewelry basket, handy tweezers, a polishing cloth, and a measuring cup – the perfect allies for your gem-resuscitation mission.

But there’s more: this marvelous machine heats water with the swiftness of a conjuring spell, allowing you to dive into the transformation almost immediately. If you ever feared gemstones slipping from their metal embrace during cleaning, fear not – this device is a guardian of your precious jewels.

A Steadfast Companion for Daily Sparkle

If your heart lies in the world of jewelry, whether you’re a passionate collector or a diligent retailer, the Gemoro 0375 is your unwavering partner. With consistent, top-notch performance, it’s ideal for daily use and a perfect fit for your store.

Durable by Design

This jewel-cleaning maestro boasts remarkable build quality, ensuring it’s by your side for the long run. You can trust it to withstand the tests of time, emerging unscathed and ready to work its magic, time and time again.

  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Higher steam pressure
  • LED Indicators present
  • Steam may leak sometimes

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Gemoro 0375 Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Steam Cleaner

GemOro Jewelry Steam Cleaner | Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Personal Steam Cleaner | Professional Performance Machine for Rings Watches Glasses Earrings (Slate Gray)

In the world of jewelry steam cleaners, the power of modern technology is a testament to reliability, and Gemoro has ingeniously harnessed this potential.

Their Gemoro 0375 is a shining example, equipped with LED indicators that transform the process of jewelry rejuvenation into a dazzling spectacle. It’s no surprise that this stellar product has earned a reputation for quality and dependability, bolstered by the coveted ETL listing that assures safety.


  • It is the perfect cleaner that you can use for a final clean before shipping it out to your clients.
  • The machine provides impressive pressure that is suitable for cleaning rather large items as well.
  • The steamer gives really good value for money.
  • Cleaning diamond, gold, and silver are all a breeze.
  • It is incredibly easy to use.

LED Lights: Your Guides to Jewelry Transformation

The heart of the Gemoro 0375 lies in its LED indicators, which serve as your faithful companions throughout the cleaning journey. These radiant signals tell a vivid story: the fiery red LED announces when the machine ignites its heating powers, and the vibrant green light signals the exact moment the steam is primed, the pressure reaches its peak, and your jewelry’s transformation begins.

A Universal Companion for Every Jewelry Lover

No matter your jewelry collection’s size or scope, the Gemoro 0375 stands ready to serve. Its capacious 16 oz water tank ensures you won’t be making countless trips to the faucet. With an impressive steam pressure of 58 PSI, it’s more than equipped to banish every smudge, speck, and residue that dims your jewelry’s brilliance.

Accessorizing Your Journey to Sparkling Perfection

Gemoro goes the extra mile to ensure your jewelry-cleaning experience is nothing short of exceptional. The Gemoro 0375 arrives with a treasure trove of accessories, including precision tweezers, a handy residue mat, a water funnel, and a measuring cup. Each addition is thoughtfully designed to enhance your gem-reviving adventure.

  • Durable materials
  • LED light indicators
  • Easy lift handles
  • Affordable price
  • Steam may leak

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Gemoro UltraSpa Professional Ultrasonic & Steam Cleaner

GemOro Ultrasonic & Steam Jewelry Cleaner | UltraSpa Personal Gentle Cleaner | Professional Performance Machine for Rings Watches Glasses Earrings

Let’s give a resounding round of applause to Gemoro for bringing yet another gem into the world of jewelry steam cleaners.

This impressive machine is your ally in the battle against the stubborn debris that can dim your beloved bling.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the Gemoro UltraSpa, the second dazzling addition from this renowned brand that we’ve had the privilege to review. The popularity of their products speaks for itself, and the Gemoro UltraSpa lives up to the high expectations.


  • It cleans pretty well in its relatively short 6-minute cleaning cycle.
  • It really does seem to hold some kind of grudge. It even cleans the grease and grime under gemstones.
  • You won’t be able to find any kind of fluid leak from the machine.
  • A lot of effort is put into the design to make it as user-friendly as possible.
  • With two different styles of cleaning operation, it will knock out even the most stubborn debris.

The Ultimate Duo: Steam and Ultrasonic Waves Unite

The Gemoro UltraSpa shares its elegant design with the Gemoro 0375, but there’s a magical twist that sets it apart. This multifaceted wonder is not just a jewelry cleaner; it’s also an ultrasonic cleaner. That’s right, it effortlessly juggles both roles, bringing the combined power of steam and ultrasonic waves to your jewelry-cleaning endeavor. When your treasured pieces are nestled in the basket and the cleaning ritual begins, a soothing blue indicator illuminates your path to brilliance.

A Symphony of Cleaning Forces

The Gemoro UltraSpa harnesses the incredible might of 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves per cycle, working in harmony with the cleansing steam to banish every hint of dirt and tarnish from your jewelry. But that’s not all. This remarkable machine features a steam control demand feature, allowing you to send bursts of steam at will during the cleaning process, adding a layer of precision to your jewelry revival experience.

Transparency at Its Best

To further enhance your cleaning journey, the Gemoro UltraSpa comes with a transparent lid. This thoughtful addition grants you the privilege of witnessing the entire cleaning process unfold, transforming your jewelry right before your eyes. And yes, just like its sibling, the Gemoro 0375, it arrives with a generous array of accessories, including a measuring cup, water funnel, tweezers, and more, all designed to streamline your path to jewelry perfection.

  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • LED light indicators
  • Durable materials
  • A little bit more expensive

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Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel Jewelry Steam Cleaner 120V, 2.5 LTR Tank, 50 PSI,12-Gauge Wiring, Stainless Steel Tank, Copper Heating Element, 4 Safety System, Pressure Gauge, Made in Italy

Within the sleek embrace of stainless steel, this remarkable jewelry steam cleaner stands as a fortress against lurking debris and unwanted bacteria. It’s a choice that should undoubtedly find its place on your consideration list. True to its name, it’s not just a cleaner; it’s a beacon of reliability and professionalism in the world of jewelry maintenance.


  • Safety comes first. And the people behind this steamer have really taken that to their hearts with its 4 safety systems.
  • The pressure sends the steam in a jam-packed configuration.
  • Several customers have commented about the ease of using this product.
  • The cleaner is up to par with ultrasonics in terms of performance.
  • It uses the best quality parts which really are the brawns of the machine.

A User-Centric Design

This product is designed with a singular focus – enhancing your user experience. Its mechanism is elegantly straightforward, making it a breeze to operate. With a substantial water capacity of 2.5 liters, you’ll enjoy a continuous, uninterrupted steam production for up to 4 hours – an impressive feat when measured against its peers.

A Steam Symphony in Minutes

Plug this jewel into the power source, and within just 10-15 minutes, it begins to weave its steamy magic, offering a robust steam pressure of 50 PSI. You’ll also find a pressure gauge thoughtfully attached, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on the boiler pressure.

The Accessory Arsenal

To sweeten the deal, an accessory kit accompanies this product. Inside, you’ll discover a measuring stick and a water funnel, two helpful allies that enhance your overall experience.

This stainless steel jewelry steam cleaner is more than just a cleaning device; it’s a dedication to user satisfaction and an assurance of superior performance. With its impressive capacity, rapid steam production, and handy accessories, it’s the professional choice that ensures your jewelry remains pristine and shining bright. Make room for this jewelry steam cleaner!

  • Large water capacity
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very expensive

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Common Jewelry Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Using Toothpaste: Contrary to popular belief, toothpaste is not a safe or effective way to clean jewelry. It can scratch delicate surfaces.
  2. Skipping Inspection: Regularly inspect your jewelry for loose stones or damaged clasps. Neglecting this step can lead to lost gems or broken pieces during the cleaning process.
  3. Overusing Steam Cleaners: While jewelry steam cleaners are effective, using them too frequently or with excessive pressure can lead to wear and tear on your jewelry.
  4. Neglecting Gemstone Compatibility: Different gemstones require different cleaning methods. Not all jewelry can be safely cleaned with steam, so make sure you know your jewelry’s specific needs.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

If you prefer a DIY approach, you can create homemade jewelry cleaning solutions using common household items. Some popular options include:

  1. Mild Dish Soap and Warm Water: Soak your jewelry in a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Baking Soda Paste: Make a paste with baking soda and water, then apply it to your jewelry and scrub gently. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  3. Vinegar and Baking Soda: Create a fizzing cleaning solution by combining vinegar and baking soda. Let your jewelry soak for a few hours, then rinse and dry.

Maintaining the Shine Between Cleanings

  1. Avoid Contact with Chemicals: Remove your jewelry when using cleaning products or engaging in activities that involve chemicals.
  2. Wipe Down After Wear: After wearing your jewelry, gently wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oils and sweat.
  3. Proper Storage: Store your jewelry in individual pouches or compartments to prevent scratching and tangling.
  4. Professional Inspections: Periodically have your jewelry inspected by a professional jeweler to identify any issues that may need attention.


Your jewelry collection is a reflection of your personality and style, and keeping it in tip-top condition is essential. Steam Cleaning provides a safe and effective way to bring back the sparkle and shine to your beloved pieces. It is undoubtedly the best method to wash your jewelry.

It is fast, clean, and doesn’t require anything extra. Besides, you can keep your gems shiny and keep their value intact.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners

Can I use any jewelry steam cleaner on all types of jewelry?

While most jewelry steam cleaners are safe for a wide range of materials, it’s essential to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some delicate gemstones and metals may require special care.

How often should I clean my jewelry with a steam cleaner?

The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you wear your jewelry and your exposure to environmental factors. As a general guideline, consider steam cleaning every few months for maintenance, with more frequent cleaning for frequently worn pieces.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when using a jewelry steam cleaner?

Yes, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses, and ensure your jewelry is compatible with steam cleaning. For very valuable or sensitive pieces, consider professional cleaning to avoid any mishaps.

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