Best Steam Cleaners for Pets (Our Top Picks in 2024!)

Want to Know More About Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaners are THE best cleaning device ever invented (IMHO!). Nothing gets stains out nearly as efficiently, while also disinfecting and leaving your carpets, flooring, bathroom – anything – smelling fresh and new. But, if you’re new to the wonders of steam cleaning, then you might be drowning in questions! This site is all about steam cleaning – what can be cleaned, how it works, how to use steam cleaners, and perhaps most importantly – what is the best steam cleaner for you and your needs!


I’m Emma

Okay, I admit it – I’m a ‘clean freak’!

But, not only do I like a clean house, I have also worked as a professional cleaner. I specialized in using steam cleaning to deal with the worst gunk you can imagine!

And, this site is my way of sharing what I’ve picked up about what I consider to be the best cleaning device invented – the steam cleaner!

Emma - a self confessed clean freak!