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Bissell Crosswave vs Karcher FC5 vs Vax OnePWR Glide: Which Hard Floor Cleaner is Right for You?

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When it comes to keeping your hard floors spotless and gleaming, the market offers these top three contenders: the Bissell Crosswave, the Karcher FC5, and the Vax OnePWR Glide. But which one is the perfect fit for your home?

One of the best things about hard floors is that they require very little effort to keep them looking good. But not many people want to spend hours on their hands and knees scrubbing with a rag. That’s where hard floor cleaners come into play.

Instead of getting down on the floor and hurting your back and knees, they allow you to waltz around your home like it’s nothing at all!

That’s the easy part. 

Picking the one that’s right for you is the hard part. 

As I already mentioned above, there are top three contenders: Bissell Crosswave vs Karcher FC5 vs Vax OnePWR Glide. In this guide, I will compare these three best hard floor cleaners available right now. But why trust me? Because I’m a professional cleaner who’s probably tried and tested every single brand there is

Plus, I’ve spent over 10 hours just combing through gazillions of real user experiences to make sure it’s not just me.

But wait, before going into detail about those three, let’s talk about some things you should consider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hard Floor Cleaner

Hard floors, whether they are gleaming hardwood, elegant tile, or resilient laminate, are a stunning addition to any home. They exude sophistication, are easy to maintain, and can stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. However, to keep them looking their best, you need the right hard floor cleaner.

Let’s explore the essential factors to consider when selecting a hard floor cleaner.

1. Floor Type

The type of hard floor you have is a fundamental factor in your choice of cleaner. Different floor materials require different care. Here are some key considerations:

  • Hardwood Floors: Hardwood is sensitive to moisture, so you must choose a cleaner specifically designed for wood floors. Look for pH-neutral cleaners that won’t damage the finish or cause warping.
  • Laminate Floors: Laminate is durable but can be damaged by abrasive cleaners. Select a laminate-specific cleaner that won’t leave streaks or dull the surface.
  • Tile or Stone Floors: These can handle more robust cleaning agents, but it’s still crucial to choose a cleaner that won’t harm the grout or surface.
  • Vinyl Floors: Vinyl floors are relatively low-maintenance. A general-purpose hard floor cleaner should work well for them.

2. Cleaning Method

Different cleaners come with various cleaning methods, and you should consider which one aligns with your preferences:

  • Spray Mops: Many hard floor cleaners come in the form of spray mops, which are convenient for quick clean-ups. They usually require no additional tools or buckets.
  • Concentrates: Some cleaners come in concentrated forms. You dilute these with water, which can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Wipes: Hard floor cleaning wipes are perfect for spot cleaning and are incredibly convenient for small messes.

3. Non-Toxic Formulas

In today’s environmentally conscious world, it’s essential to consider the environmental impact and the safety of your family and pets. Opt for hard floor cleaners with non-toxic, eco-friendly formulations. These products are safe for your home and the planet, and they minimize exposure to harsh chemicals.

4. Scent and Allergies

Consider whether you or anyone in your household has allergies or sensitivities to scents. Some hard floor cleaners come in various fragrances, while others are unscented. Make sure the cleaner’s scent won’t cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive noses.

5. pH-Neutral Formulas

Many hard floors, especially wood, are sensitive to pH levels. To maintain their finish and luster, it’s crucial to choose a cleaner with a pH-neutral formula. These cleaners won’t harm the surface or strip away its protective finish.

6. Streak-Free Shine

One of the main goals of using a hard floor cleaner is to achieve a streak-free shine. Read product reviews and recommendations to ensure the cleaner you choose is known for delivering this result. You don’t want to see smudges and streaks on your freshly cleaned floors.

7. Residue-Free Cleaning

The best hard floor cleaners leave no sticky residue behind. Residue can attract dirt and grime, making your floors look dull and dirty soon after cleaning. Be sure to choose products renowned for their residue-free cleaning capabilities.

8. Versatility

Consider whether you want a cleaner that can be used on various hard surfaces or if you prefer a specialized product for each type of floor. Versatile cleaners can save you money and storage space, making them a practical choice for homes with different types of flooring throughout.

9. Reviews

Since you’re here, it is safe to say you did your homework.

Before making a purchase, it’s wise to read reviews like this or if not, seek recommendations from friends or family members who have experience with the product and if possible, have the same floor as you. Ask them to offer insights into the actual performance, ease of use, and durability of the cleaner.

With these factors in mind, you can select a hard floor cleaner that not only effectively cleans your floors but also ensures they retain their beauty for years to come.

Now, let’s meet our contenders…

TL:DR: Bissell Crosswave vs Karcher FC5 vs Shark S7001: Quick Look at the Cleaners

SPECSBissell CrosswaveKarcher FC5Shark S7001
Two-tank systemYesYesNo
Surface TypeTile, sealed wood floors, carpet, rugs, laminate, linoleumWood, tile, concrete, stones and linoleumWood, tile, concrete, stones and linoleum
Cord Length25ft20ftNo cord!
Cleaning OrientationVacuum and MopVacuum and MopVacuum, Mop, and Dry
Weight:11 lbs4.9 lbs4 lbs
Water Tank0.8L freshwater, 0.4L dirty water0.4L freshwater, 0.2L dirty water0.6L freshwater, 0.2L dirty water
Comparison Guide

Bissell Crosswave

bissell hard floor cleaner

Not many hard floor cleaners out there can beat the Bissell Crosswave in efficiency and, frankly, aesthetics. While it is not the cheapest hard floor cleaner on the market, it is one of the most versatile available models. 

A great feature of this model is that it is built to clean both hard floors (all types!) and carpets. So, if you have a mixed floor surface at home, you will love this cleaner. 

The Bissell Crosswave is built to be easy to use, with good maneuverability and a simple design. Two tanks of 0.8L and 0.4L means you won’t have to stop to refill them during cleaning sessions (who wants to do that?). It also comes with a 25ft cord that should reach most corners of your home.

Not that it should be anyone’s primary concern, but this is also a stylish-looking hard floor cleaner. And by ‘stylish,’ I mostly mean compact. The design makes it easy to handle and transport from one place to another. But it delivers on the performance front as well.

Karcher FC5

karcher floor cleaner

This cleaner works a bit differently than most: instead of a brush or a pad, it discharges cleaning detergent into two microfibre rollers underneath it. As they spin rapidly, they lift away stains almost as if they were pulling you along.

There are a few reasons why the FC5 is one of the best solutions for hard floor cleaning. Beyond its ability to tackle tough messes, this machine has a vacuum feature that draws up and stores water in a tank at the back of the device. As a result, your flooring is not just left spotless and shining but also bacteria and odor-free.

It’s not alone in this sense, though. All three cleaners we’re examining today are also vacuums.

The Karcher FC5 is also remarkably easy to use. It has a two-tank system of 0.4L for fresh water and 0.2L for dirty water. So, unlike with Bissell, you may have to stop cleaning once or twice to refill them – depending on how dirty your floors are.

In addition, a distinguishable attribute of this vacuum is the short drying intervals achieved when using the mop. You will have a dry floor in two minutes tops. Afterward, you can remove the rollers and wash them to be ready for the next use.

Although it is somewhat weighty, the FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner is an excellent tool for houses with a lot of hard flooring, particularly homes with mixed hard surfaces.

Vax OnePWR Glide

Cordless appliances are the best thing since sliced bread, don’t you think? So this cordless hard floor cleaner is for cleaners who like more freedom. Its 0.6L tank and 30 minutes runtime will do for small to medium-sized homes. 

The pros of this cleaner are you won’t have to wait too long for your floors to dry because it vacuums, mops, and dries your flooring at the same time (truly a one-step job). Plus, it works on various hard surfaces, such as wood, linoleum, laminate, vinyl, tiles, and stone, as long as they’re sealed.

There are so many features I really like about this product, which has a front-lit LED that makes it possible to see under furniture and other hard-to-see places.

After washing, the glide’s self-cleaning system automatically removes any leftover liquid and dirt. The Vax OnePWR may not be the most hurray model around, but it certainly gets the job done.

Bissell Crosswave vs Karcher FC5 vs Vax OnePWR Glide: In-Depth Comparison

bissell crosswave vs karcher fc5 vs vax onepwr glide

Water Tank Capacity

I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly appreciate refilling my hard floor cleaner tank during cleaning sessions. It’s a pain to have to stop in the middle of mopping and carry them to the sink, or worse, turn them on your hands and knees.

The good thing is, all three cleaners on this list have a 2-tank system so fresh and dirty water are rightly separated. 

The Bissell Crosswave has two tanks of 0.8L and 0.4L each, which is enough to get you through a considerably long cleaning session without having to stop to refill. The Karcher FC5 has a freshwater tank of 0.4L and a dirty water tank of 0.2, while the Vax OnePWR Glide has two tanks of 0.6L and 0.2L.

Winner: Bissell Crosswave will suit those who have spacious cleaning areas and those who don’t want to take frequent stops to replenish their tanks.


No matter how nifty an appliance is, people generally prefer to have as few of them as possible because they can take up space. Therefore, it is good to find cleaners that are versatile and can be used on multiple surfaces.

That’s where the Crosswave excels. It is a multi-surface cleaner that can handle different kinds of hard floors, carpets, and rugs. 

On the other hand, Karcher FC5 and Vax OnePWR are specifically designed to clean hard floors.

Winner: Bissell Crosswave has the best versatility on this list, and it never hurts to be good at more than one thing.


The ease of use is also a crucial factor to consider when choosing the machine. I do not want to invest in a heavy, wrist-straining device that I am afraid of breaking because it weighs more than my body weight. It should also be easy to store.

The Bissell Crosswave is a swivel mechanism that makes cleaning even the hardest-to-reach areas easy. This cleaner can be positioned horizontally or turned in any direction. The glider also comes with wheels and rollers that make it enjoyable to glide.

The Karcher FC5 does not have wheels like the Crosswave. It does not have a swivel mechanism, unlike Bissell, and it cannot turn. However, I enjoy the forward-rolling brush design, which makes pushing easy.

Having a 29 cm wide cleaning mind, the Vax OnePWR is easy to maneuver around most furniture, and I found it simple enough to drive around. 

It is hard to choose a winner in this category because the three hard floor cleaners are different in terms of their designs. It is a tie.

Aesthetics and Design

This three-way face-off finishes off with aesthetics because who doesn’t love to have a pretty gadget at home?

On a serious note, though, the design of these cleaners is just as crucial to how they perform.

The Bissell Crosswave is designed to be the most attractive hard floor cleaner with its lime color. It has a modern, sleek look that makes it stand out in any room. I like the ergonomic design of the handle, which makes it easy to hold and maneuver. 

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, it has an intuitive design. Also, its 25ft cord should reach most rooms at home.

The Karcher FC5 is well-designed as well. It has a modern, upright design that should fit well with any home. However, it is not a stand-alone model, like the Bissell Crosswave, so you must place it in the park station. 

It has a 20 ft cord and is also a user-friendly solution, so this vacuum can be an ideal gift for seniors and people who are not tech-savvy.

The Vax OnePWR Glide is a different story, as it is a battery-operated model – so you are not consuming electricity while you are cleaning. 

Additionally, it has a light that illuminates the floor so that you can see dirt in hard-to-reach places. Weighing only 4.9kg (without the battery packs), it is one of the lightest cordless cleaners on the market.

Winner: Bissell Crosswave takes the cake here, hands down, because it balances its design, efficiency, and usability. 


As you may know already, I am a die-hard steam devotee. And I love to use steamers even on my hard floors!

All hard floor cleaners on this list are good, and you may have different needs than the person next to you. However, the best cleaner for hard floors is the Bissell Crosswave. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it is one of the best in its price range when you consider its offerings. 

This cleaner has the most versatility and has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to use. I also like that its tanks can hold enough water for prolonged cleaning sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bissell CrossWave the best hard floor cleaner?

Bissell does offer a great bang for the buck in terms of versatility. That is, it sweeps and vacuums all floor types plus carpets and rugs. And it does it in a spotless way, with a huge dual tank that you don’t need to refill.

But if you’d like to save some cash, Vax OnePWR is a cheaper alternative. You can use both models to vacuum and mop. In addition, the Vax OnePWR is a cordless cleaner so that you can move freely and swiftly. No worries about tripping over the cord!

How does the Bissell CrossWave differ from the Bissell CrossWave Max?

The Crosswave cordless max brush has a thicker bristle than the old style, which means it resists tangles better. Additionally, the Crosswave cordless has a longer battery life and is lighter. A light-up display displays the battery life and floor type with the new electronic system.

How good is Vax OnePWR?

This cordless stick vacuum performs exceptionally well for its price range. Despite a less-than-impressive suction setting being suitable for light dusting jobs on hard floors, it is still powerful enough to clean pet hair and other tough messes.

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