Bissell Spinwave abd Steam Mop Comparison

Bissell Spinwave vs. Steam Mop (Which is Right for Me?)

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Are you tired of using buckets and mops for endless cleaning of your house? House cleaning is a tough job, especially when you have kids littering the floors 24*7.

I have two kids, and cleaning the house every time it is dirty is impossible. The best time to clean the place for me is when my kids sleep. Regular use of bucket and mop for cleaning led to backache, headaches, and stress.

I needed a solution and went searching on the net. I found different mops and narrowed it down to these two models – one is a cordless spinning mop, while the other is a wall-powered steam mop. They both have their pros and cons, so choosing between the two is difficult!

In this article, I do a feature by comparing Bissell Spinwave vs. Steam Mop, based on my experience, research, and conversations with some of my friends who have used these two products.

Bissell Spinwave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop

Bissell Spinwave gives you the freedom to go cordless. You no longer will have to plug and unplug your vacuum for cleaning multiple rooms. With lithium-ion batteries, the Spinwave allows you to use the mop for 20 minutes non-stop.

The mop uses a circular motion to clean your floors, which gets out the toughest of stains and helps restore the floor’s natural shine.
Bissell supports the “Bissell Pet Foundation,” and every purchase of this hard floor spin mop will help save homeless pets.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-purpose: the Spinwave mop works on ceramic, tiles, hardwood, tile, linoleum, and more. Use it with ease on sticky and messy floors. Your floor will look neat, clean, and shiny. The mop is gentle on every kind of flooring and leaves it looking renewed.
  • Low profile: the mop has a swivel head that helps reach under furniture, cupboards, cabins, where regular mops do not go. It helps clean sticky spots and tough stains in a few minutes.
  • Cordless: The device is cordless that helps you to take it anywhere in the house. It uses an 18V lithium-ion battery that needs a charge of 4 hours. Moving the device from one room to the other is possible with one hand. As it is light in weight, cleaning any surface is easy and fun.
  • Different accessories: the gear comes with 2 round scrub pads to help clean old stains off the floor by scrubbing them out. There are two soft pads and one multi-surface cleaning formula. It even cleans pets’ hair from any surface.
  • Spray control system: the spray control system helps to minimize the wastage of cleaning solutions. Just press the spray button and use the spin mop to clean the area. Cleaning sticky mess and stains are possible with the spray solution. You can clean the whole house within a few minutes.


  • The machine is convenient to use as it has two buttons, one to switch it on and the other to spray.
  • It needs low maintenance.
  • It is lightweight and cordless, making it convenient for the user to carry it from one room to another.
  • The spray button helps to control the quantity of solution you need to clean tough stains.
  • As you recline the handle, the machine starts.
  • The handle is long enough and suitable for both short as well as tall persons.
  • Pads are very convenient to remove and attach.


  • Charging the mop can be inconvenient for many. You need to carry the whole unit near the plug point to set it.
  • No removable battery.
  • It does not reach all the corners as the pads are circular shaped.
  • No speed options to choose from makes working in one mode difficult for many.
Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 23157, Voilet, Green, Silver
Bissell SpinWave Cordless PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 23157, Voilet, Green, Silver
  • Every Purchase Saves Pets. BISSELL proudly supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets..Voltage 18 Volts
  • Cordless Freedom. 18V lithium-ion battery provides up to 20 minutes of cordless runtime.
  • Powerful Spinning Mop Pads. Restore your floor's natural shine with rotating mop pads that do the work for you.
  • Safe On Sealed Hard Floors. Powers through tough, sticky messes on wood, tile, linoleum, and other sealed hard floors.
  • On-demand Spray. Control how much solution goes on the floor while cleaning.

Bissell Commercial BGST1566 Steam Mop Power Steamer

A widely used steam mop is Bissell’s commercial power steamer. It comes with two soft pads and a scrub pad that is attached to the gear itself.

You can clean your house with this mop two times faster than regular mops. It not only cleans but sanitizes the floor and kills 99.9 % of germs.

The microfiber pads are strong enough to absorb all the dirt, stains, and dust from the floors. It also has three washable microfiber mop pads to clean tough stains.

Features and Benefits

  • Three steam levels: there are three levels of steam settings. Choose lower settings for delicate floors and the highest settings for cleaning tough stains.
  • Cleans different floors: It cleans hard floors like ceramic, vinyl, tiles, granite, and more without using chemicals. It uses steam to clean the floor and makes cleaning work a few minutes. The scrubber is attached to the mop that flips down to reach deeper stains. It removes stains two times faster.
  • Portable design: it is lightweight and highly portable. Connect it with a plug, and its 50 feet long cord makes you use clean every nuke and corner of the room.
  • Maneuverable: Its swivel design makes it reach under tight places. It glides around furniture and goes places like under the bed and cabinet with ease.
  • Microban protection pads: the pads are made of microfiber and have microban protection. It does not let odor-causing bacteria grow on the pad. The pads are easily washable and are reusable too. It helps you save a lot of money on extra pads. Cleaning pads are large, with a width of 12.5 inches.


  • Easy to use and takes less time to clean and sanitize the house.
  • It kills bacteria up to 99.9 %.
  • As it needs only water, it is eco-friendly gear.
  • Its long cord and swivel design make it reach challenging places that are hard to reach and clean.
  • The cleaner provides its users three different levels of steam to clean various forms of stains.
  • You can use it on carpets to clean them and make them stain-free.


  • It is not cordless as it needs a power supply of 1500 watts. Every time you want to use it, you need to plug it into a power socket.
  • You cannot use the same pads in different rooms as it gets dirty very quickly.
Bissell Commercial-BGST1566 Steam Mop Power Steamer, 12.5' wide, comes with Two soft pads for every day and one scrubby pad for heavy messes,Green
Bissell Commercial-BGST1566 Steam Mop Power Steamer, 12.5" wide, comes with Two soft pads for every day and one scrubby pad for heavy messes,Green
  • 50 foot cord
  • 12.5" cleaning pad width
  • 15 oz capacity
  • 1500 watts/12.5 amps
  • green in color

Feature Wise Comparison: Bissell Spinwave vs. Steam Mop

Both the mops are great for cleaning the floors and are much better than regular mops. But, both are different from each other.

Bissell Spinwave vs. Steam Mop

Different floors

  • Spinwave: using Spinwave is safe on any floor. But remember it is not safe for carpets. It just cleans the floors.
  • Steam mop: steam mop must not be used on wooden floors as steam can harm the flooring’s look. Cleaning carpets is easy with the help of steam mops. It not only cleans but sanitizes the floors and carpets and removes 99.9% of bacteria.


  • Spinwave mops have better maneuverability as it is cordless. Carrying it from one room to the other is possible. It works on batteries. Recharge the batteries for 4 hours, and you are good to go.
  • Steam mops: you need to plug-in the mop before using it. It requires 1500 watts of power supply. As it is connected with a cord, it has a limited reach. It would be best if you had a plug-point to use in every room.

Pad design

  • Spinwave: uses twin pads that make cleaning quicker and more comfortable. The cleaning pads that are attached to the cleaner helps clean the surface in rotating motion. The Spinwave comes with two scrub pads and two soft pads.
  • Steam mop: one single pad made of microfiber microban cloth helps clean a wider surface. The cleaning pad’s width is 12.5 inches. It has a swivel design that allows you to reach the corners of the room with ease. Steam mop cleaner comes with three microfiber pads and two soft pads. The scrubber is already attached to the cleaner.


  • Spinwave: is much safer as it is cordless and does not use steam. It is kid-friendly.
  • Steam mop: when using steam mops, you need to be careful, especially when kids are around. It uses water and then converts it into steam. Using it at the highest settings can be harmful to laminate and hardwood floors. Using it on adhesive tiles is also not safe.
White Steam mop cleaner

Control setting

  • Spinwave: has no option for setting the speed level. It can be irritating for places that do not need tough cleaning.
  • Steam mop: have three different levels of steam settings. The user can use a lower setting for cleaning light stains. Users can also use the higher level of steam for cleaning old and challenging stains.


I love using the Bissell Spinwave mop as it is cordless and very portable. It does not need any harmful chemicals to clean the floor. I have a smaller home, and therefore 20 minutes is enough time for me to get everything spic and span and ready for the next round of play for my kids.

However, if you have a larger home (more than 1000 sq. ft), I suggest choosing a regular stem mop. These are much more powerful, with a longer cleaning time and variable steam feature.

Both the cleaners by Bissell are great for cleaning. The choice depends on what you want to do with them.

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