How To Clean Concrete Floors After Removing Carpet

How to Clean Concrete Floors After Removing Carpet [8 Steps]

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We all love it when it’s time to put on a new carpet and chuck the old one out. But we also have to deal with the sticky, dry adhesive that glues carpets to the floor before we can clean and slap the new catch in.

So, how do you clean concrete floors after removing a carpet?

The best way is by first scraping all the carpet adhesives from the floor. Afterward, you should vacuum the space before proceeding with moping and finally drying the floor.

Want to know how you can hack it in detail?

Let’s dive right in!

Old Carpet Residue on concrete floow

How to Clean Cement Floor AFTER Removing Carpet

What You Will Need

To clean concrete floors after removing your carpet, you will first need to have:

  • A floor scraper
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hot water (boiling preferred)
  • A scrubber (for concrete floors)
  • Glue remover
  • Mop and bucket

The sticky adhesives used between concrete floors and carpet pads are always a pain in the neck when you want to clean the floor.

However, the following simple steps will help you work around that hurdle and get your concrete slabs spiffy in a jiffy!

1. Scrape off the adhesive

To get rid of the adhesive carpet glue, you should use a floor scraper (handheld) for the job. These types of floor scrapers often have very sharp and sturdy blades that work well when separating the glue from the floor.

2. Vacuum the floor

Once you’re done scraping the glue out of the concrete, you should use a broom and sweep all the flakes and blobs to one corner of the room. Afterward, shovel the dirt into a dustpan and throw it into a litter bin or trashcan.

After that, take out and plug your vacuum cleaner and use it to suck all the remaining dirt and debris off the concrete floor. Ensure that you use the floor attachment nozzle for the best cleaning result.

3. Apply boiling water

As you scrape the glue off the floor in step 1, there are instances where the adhesives will spread out flat over the concrete floor. This will in turn form some very thin sheets on the surface that even floor scrapers won’t be able to remove.

To get rid of them. You have to boil some hot water and carefully pour it over the floor to loosen the gum.

Note that the amount of water you’ll need to use depends on the size of the floor and the type of glue used under the carpet. Also, let the hot water break the glue by giving it 2-3 minutes to do its magic.

When pouring hot water, DO NOT stand in the splash zone to avoid getting scalded.

4. Scrub the loose adhesive

After the boiling water loosens the sticky glue, you should pick up a floor scrubber this time and remove the rest of it from the floor. Have a bin nearby where you can dump all the collected adhesive in.

5. You can use a glue remover

Sometimes, the glue may persist even after pouring boiling water all over it. If that happens, then you should use a glue remover of your choice to help get rid of the carpet glue.

Glue removers consist of unique chemicals that are pretty effective against the sticky residue of most carpet adhesives.

Just ensure that you put on a face mask as the glue fumes can be quite harmful to your health when breathed in.

person wearing gas mask
No… Not Like This Though!?

6. You can also try a heat gun or iron

You may resort to using these two if all the above steps don’t remove the glue from the floor.

But before anything else, you should first throw a thin, dry towel over the floor before running the hot devices above it. This process will take longer as you’ll have to move by a certain square inch until you cover the whole building.

7. Mop the floor

Mix 1 gallon of water with 3 tablespoons of liquid dish soap in a bucket to prepare a cleaning solution.

Then, mop the floor starting from one end of the room and finishing at the other. Whip up a new cleaning solution every time the water gets dirty to get the best results.

8. Dry the floor

After the floor’s all cleaned up, you should allow it to air-dry at least overnight before you recarpet it.

The floor has to be completely dry before installing another carpet or else you risk having a mold or mildew infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use vinegar to remove carpet glue?

You can also use vinegar to clean carpet glue from the floor.

Mix it in equal parts with the hot water and you’ll have your DIY glue remover. If you apply this solution to the concrete floor and leave it for 3 minutes, it will melt the carpet glue off the floor. Cleaning afterward should be a walk in the park.

Can paint thinner remove carpet glue?

Paint thinners can remove SOME type of carpet glue. Paint thinners are highly effective against tar-based glues and will easily soften them, making it easier to scoop them off the floor. You’ll know it’s tar-based glue if it looks brownish.

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