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Dupray Home vs Neat vs One: Steam Cleaner Buying Guide

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Thinking of adding a Dupray steam cleaner to your cleaning arsenal, but you are not sure which one to buy?

Firstly, you made the right choice to go with Dupray. Each model has been designed to be super lightweight and portable, so you will be able to clean any area of your home with ease. 

Dupray steam cleaners are minimalist in design and easy to use, so even the most rookie steam cleaner users can get their money’s worth.

But with so many models of Dupray steam cleaners on the market, how do you choose one? 

Read our buying guide as I discuss the differences between three popular models of Dupray steam cleaners: Dupray Home, Dupray Neat, and Dupray One. Then, you can decide which model best suits your needs.

TL;DR: Dupray Home Vs. Neat Vs. One

Steam temperature303°F293°F275°F
Steam pressure50 psi46 psi50 psi
Cleaning time50 minutes50 minutes50 minutes
Continuous Steam Technology (CST™)NOYESYES
Adjustable pressureYESYESNO
Hose length6’2″5’7″6’6″
Boiler volume38 oz.34 oz.54 0z.
Heating time10 minutes8 minutes7 minutes
Weight10 lbs9.26 lbs9 lbs
Body materialPlasticPlasticPlastic
Boiler materialStainless steel Stainless steelAluminium
Warranty3-year limited warranty, lifetime warranty on boiler3-year limited warranty, lifetime warranty on boiler2-year limited warranty, lifetime warranty on boiler
Comparison Table

Dupray Home

dupray home steam cleaner

Let’s start with the middle-ground option!

The Dupray Home is easy to carry and can handle a wide variety of surfaces, including hard floors, upholstery, and more. It is equipped with several accessories to achieve optimal cleaning results. 

With a hose length of 5’7″, the Dupray Home is ideal for cleaning large areas without too much hassle.

(Of course, all of us would prefer an endless cord so we don’t have to drag the tank at all. But that would mean LOTS of tangles. So 5’7″ is just fine, thank you very much!)

Whether cleaning a heavy-duty roasting pan, a stovetop, or a big oven, the Dupray Home can tackle the job with ease. 

The Home also has a 34 oz boiler tank that lasts for up to 50 minutes of continuous steam power. And with a steam temperature of 293°F, you can get rid of that tough grease spill on your stovetop without compromising its finish. 

Plus, the boiler in the Home is made of stainless steel, which is pretty much indestructible.

Dupray Neat

dupray neat steam cleaner

Dupray Neat is the most popular of the three steam cleaners on this list – and for a good reason. 

The square-shaped tank was the first thing that caught my eye. There’s just something about a square shape that looks good, and this tank is no exception.

And it’s not just about the looks. The fact is, you can easily shove it in your shoe rack for storage.

It delivers on its promise of steaming for 50 minutes before you need to refill, and it comes with a lot of accessories too. (Alright, I gotta admit I have a bias for the Neat, but I swear it will not impact this guide). 

The steam temp and pressure are also above par, so you’ll be able to blast through your cleaning jobs with this unit. (Check out my full Dupray Neat review.)

Admittedly, there are cheaper steam cleaners with similar functionality. But from what I’ve seen, Dupray pays great attention to almost every little detail, so this little guy is definitely worth its price.

Dupray One

dupray one

This unit offers almost everything the Home and Neat offer, except it has the highest steam temperature at 303°F. (And the heftiest price tag!) So for homeowners with huge surfaces to cover, this will be a great option.

But that’s not all. You are not going to make your buying decision on only steam temperature. (Or are you?)

To be super honest, a big con of this Dupray cleaner is that it doesn’t have the continuous steam option that would allow you to refill the tank while the machine is running.

So what, I hear you. How hard can it be to turn it off and back on! 

Not quite. You see, if your home is bigger and you need more than 50 minutes to clean it, you’ll need to turn it off, refill it, and wait another 10 minutes for the boiler to turn the water into steam.

Not a disaster, I agree. But they definitely could have made it better for the price! .

Let’s dig further into the different models.

Dupray Home vs Neat vs One

a woman against yellow backdrop

Steam Pressure

When doing heavy-duty jobs, steaming pressure is the most important thing to consider. The higher the pressure, the more cleaning power you get. And if you are like me, you like to keep your floor spotless.

The Dupray Home has a steam pressure or PSI (pound per square inch) of 46. Although it is below the minimum 58 PSI for a residential-range steamer, it makes up for it with a steam temperature of 293 degrees Fahrenheit and cleans your entire home in no time at all. 

The adjustable pressure controller in Home (but also One) is also a nice touch as it allows you to increase or decrease the steam output depending on the task at hand. After all, cleaning a dirty-ish carpet is light years away from cleaning mold and yuck from the tile grout!

The Neat steamer has a steam pressure of 50 PSI which means it is more effective than the Home when handling heavy-duty cleaning jobs. However, it has the lowest steam temp at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has no adjustable pressure control. 

The One steamer has 50 PSI of power and the highest steam temp. at 303 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you get both pressure and temperature. 

If you are looking for effectiveness when handling heavy-duty tasks, Dupray One is your best bet. However, if you want decent steam pressure but don’t want to miss out on steam temp, Dupray Home Steam Cleaner is better.

Tank Size and Heating Time

Imagine having to wait for the steamer to heat up before you can start cleaning. You have to refill the water tank twice during a cleaning session to make matters worse. 

The size of the tank and how long it takes to heat are two more critical aspects. 

Dupray Home has a boiler volume of 34 oz., 8 minutes heating time, and 50 minutes cleaning time, which is sufficient for your average household cleaning. On the other hand, Dupray Neat has a bigger boiler volume at 54 oz., takes 7 minutes to preheat, and you can use the steam cleaner for 50 minutes in one fill-up.

Dupray One has a boiler of 38 oz., 10 minutes preheating time, and 50 minutes cleaning time. So, in terms of cleaning time, this is a tie. The fastest heating time, however, goes to Dupray Neat.

In this regard, Dupray Neat stands out for me because it matches the cleaning time of the other two, it heats up faster, and the tank size is also the biggest. It is also great that Dupray offers a lifetime warranty on the boiler of all three models.


Dupray Neat steam cleaner comes with 18 accessories, including an integrated hose, a steam lens, multiple cleaning brushes, extension tubes, floor tools, window tools, triangular tools, microfiber bonnet microfiber cloth, microfiber pads, and other accessories. 

This ensures you have everything you need for a clean kitchen, bathroom, or other household surfaces. The Home also comes with 14 attachments which complete the overall package.

You will want to store these tools with a convenient storage case to access them when you need them quickly or prevent possible damage. 

The One series runs Dupray Neat in this category with 16 attachments. These include some tools, like the microfiber bonnet, which come in very handy for tasks such as wiping down cabinets, floors, or windows. Like the extension tubes, some attachments are great for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. Overall, Dupray Neat is the front runner here.

However, the sheer number of accessories doesn’t mean you’ll use them all. (I know I don’t!) So don’t let this be a deal maker or breaker. There are more important concerns!

Portability and Storage

One of the biggest reasons many people (including me) don’t like to add to their cleaning tools is that they don’t want to take up more space in their homes. Fortunately, all the series in this guide were designed with portability and storage space in mind.

Dupray One weighs the most at 10lbs, while the Home is 9.26lbs, and Neat is 8.84lbs. 

This is important as you’ll have to lift them up to fill and refill. However, keep in mind that they’ll get heavy as hell when full. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Due to their design for ease of use, they’re also very compact. You can easily store these steam cleaners at the end of each cleaning session, so they’ll be ready when you need them the next time.

Dupray Home Vs. Neat Vs. One: Verdict

Dupray produces some of the best top-quality cleaning products you’d expect from a brand of its caliber. The steam cleaners are no different. Every model we’ve reviewed in this guide can produce high-quality results. 

But which should you buy? 

It’s simple. The model you should go with will depend on several personal factors like the cleaning task, how often you clean, and your budget. Regardless, any model you pick up from this guide will be a quality solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you drain a Dupray neat?

Use the Allen key with your machine to unscrew the boiler cap underneath your steam cleaner and place it above a sink or a tray to collect the water. Once the water has drained from the boiler, the mineral deposits will disappear.

Can you steam clean a drain?

Yes, steam cleaners are also ideal for cleaning drains. Steam combined with temperature dissolves even stubborn and greasy dirt in seconds. It also reaches even the narrowest places and spots.

When you steam clean, where does the dirt go? 

During steam cleaning, dirt does not bead up and disappear; instead, it dissolves in the water vapor but remains on the surface. Steam mopping, cloths, or vacuums will help you remove the dust.

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