How To Clean Carpet Without Vacuum

How To Clean Carpet Without A Vacuum—Back To Basics

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When it’s time for a routine clean for a carpeted room or a large rug, most of us just reach for our vacuums. However, not everyone has a vacuum, as those machines can be quite pricey! Some might also avoid using a vacuum because of the noise.

Whatever the reason, there are other ways to keep your carpet clean and fresh without a vacuum. The way you decide to clean depends on whether your carpet is glued down or a very large rug.

Broom and Dustpan

This is an old-fashioned yet pretty effective way to clean carpets. This is how our parents’ parents used to do it!

The best technique when using a broom is to sweep in the same direction and sweep your dirt into one area. Sweeping in short strokes in a straight line should do it! Like this, it is easier to load onto the dustpan and avoid other areas from getting dirty.

With this method, you have to do some scrubbing. I recommend using a broom with natural bristles, as they are stiff and better at getting dirt from deep within in fibers.

If you are using your broom and dustpan, you should plan on dusting your furniture after. The dust can float freely in the air, which can settle on your shelves.

Using Broom To Sweep Dirt From Carpet

Carpet Sweeper

This is a quiet alternative to the vacuum.

This device is appreciated by those with pets or young children who don’t like loud sounds. It also doesn’t need electricity.

A carpet sweeper has rollers and brushes at the base. So, when you glide it on the carpet, the brushes rotate and catch the dust and dirt. You can empty the dirt collector in the bin when you’re done.

Using the carpet sweeper is pretty simple, there are no buttons or various settings so anyone can use it. You can even let your kids play with– I mean, use this sweeper to help clean your carpet. It’s a brilliant idea to get them accustomed to doing household chores, don’t you think?

Carpet sweepers are also pretty light, so it’s perfect for daily and quick cleaning. It’s not suited for cleaning right into the carpet fibers, though.

Carpet Beater

If you can take your carpet outside and hang it over a wall, fence, or railing, then a carpet beater would be well-suited for you.

This removes a lot of dirt from the carpet. This handy tool is made of rattan and has a sturdy handle with a paddle at the top. I used one of these once, while it’s effective, you need to have good arm strength too!

If you’re stressed out and need to take out some frustrations, start at the top of the carpet and watch the dirt and anger fly away. Beat both sides of the carpet.

💡 If you don’t have a carpet beater, you can also use an old tennis racket. It will work just the same, and you can work on your backhand swing.

Packaging Tape

I’m not saying “clean your entire carpet with tape”! This method is good for spot cleaning.

If you notice a particular area with a lot of pet fur or hair, then the light adhesiveness can help you pick up these hairs that the broom or carpet sweeper missed. It can also remove dust and dirt. Simply take some tape and press it on the carpet. Remove it to lift the hair.

This is a great method for spot cleaning AFTER a deep cleaning and before guests arrive. Avoid leaving the tape on the carpet for too long, as the sticky residue may be left on the carpet.

Washing Your Carpet

This is for deep cleaning. Get your bucket and brush!

Washing your carpet removes dirt and dust from the carpet while restoring its color. It can also make your carpet smell good and kill any bacteria hiding in the fibers.

Washing Carpet

The store will have carpet cleaners, but you don’t have to be using such chemicals on your carpet. There’s always a chance that the harmful ingredients may cause some damage to your carpet when used daily or if you don’t follow the instructions.

For a more natural alternative, you can use mild detergent or vinegar. Vinegar, especially, is great for killing germs as it is 5% acetic acid. The solution breaks down the structure of bacteria, which protects your family from falling ill.

However, you have to dilute the vinegar BEFORE using it on the carpet. Use warm water and not hot, as scorching hot can damage your carpet fibers.

Use the brush to scrub the carpet. Don’t oversaturate the carpet, as it will take forever to dry. Don’t rush and do one area at a time. Give your carpet a lot of time to completely dry before walking on it again. We don’t want to soil it!

The room may smell of vinegar, however, this harsh smell will dissipate as the carpet is drying. It’s better to deal with the vinegar smell than a stinky odor! Open a window while cleaning to make the smell go away quicker.

💡 If your carpet is made from natural fibers, silk, and wool, you should NOT use vinegar. The acetic acid can cause damage to the carpet.

Steam Mopping

Of course, let’s not forget about steam mopping! This is an amazing way to deep clean your carpet with a sanitizing ability. This is best for families with young children who crawl around the carpet.

Kids Crawling On Carpet

Steam machines only use water converted to steam, killing germs and pathogens. The heat emitted from the steam mop can kill dust mites, larval fleas, and eggs. There is no need for other chemicals, so it’s non-toxic.

You should buy a carper gilder as direct contact can damage the carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get crumbs out of carpet without a vacuum?

You can use a stiff brush to get into the carpet fibers and take the crumbs out. You can also use your broom and some elbow grease to get the crumbs. If your carpet can be taken outside, then you can use your carpet beater.

Which comes first, dusting or vacuuming?

You should dust first, then proceed to vacuum. Allergens and dust are floating in your home, so stop your sneezing, you should wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth, which will trap the dust.

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