How To Clean Dog Hair From Marine Carpet

How To Clean Dog Hair From Marine Carpet | 3 steps for a hair-free sail

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Sailing is a relaxing and joyful activity. And, it’s made even better when you go sailing with your pup!

After you’ve disembarked, however, you may notice that there’s dog hair strewn throughout your boat’s carpet. Now you’ve got to figure out how to fight all that fur!

To get dog fur out of your carpet, you’ll need a lint roller and a vacuum cleaner. By using these tools, you should be able to get most of the dog hair out of your carpets. 

Step One: Use a lint roller

The first step to getting dog hair out of your boat carpet is a bit time consuming. However, it’s the key to making sure there’s no fur lodged deep in your carpet’s fibres. 

To get started, you’ll need to find a lint roller. 

You’re going to take the lint roller and go over the biggest problem patches your marine carpet, especially focusing on the stairs. 

Use the ring roller to make a few passes over the parts of the carpet that have the worst amount of hair on it. Peel off the lint roller paper as you go so that you make sure you’re getting as much fur out of the carpet as possible. 

Once you finish the worst parts of the carpet, move on to the steps. 

Use the lint roller on the face and the treads of the steps so that you can get the worst of the hair out.

Pro Tip: when going over your boat’s steps be sure to work your way from top to bottom. This makes sure that you don’t know fur onto the newly-cleaned steps below. 

Lint Roller

Step Two: Vacuum

Once you’ve finished with the lint roller, it’s time to bust out the vacuum. 

In order to get a thorough clean on your boat, you’ll need to make a few passes over your carpet. 

It’s also important to break out the crevice tool on your vacuum. The crevice tool allows you to get into corners, nooks, and crannies. This tool is important for making sure you don’t miss any dog hair that’s stuck in more out-of-the-way parts of your carpeting. 

Once you get to the steps, make sure to go over the face and the tread several times each as well. 

Need to Know: Just like with the lint roller, make sure to navigate to the top of your boat’s stairs and work your way back down them using your vacuum cleaner. 

Step Three: Steam Clean

After you’ve vacuumed your entire carpet, it’s not a bad idea to break out the steam cleaner- not only will they clean, they will also get rid of nasty pet viruses out of your carpet

Remember, you want to use a steam cleaner for pets as not all steam cleaners are appropriate for getting pet hair out of your carpets. 

Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to go over your boat’s carpet. Once again, make sure to go over each area a few times. 

Allow the boat to completely dry before covering it up or storing it. This ensures that your carpets don’t develop mould or mildew after your cleaning procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do You Get Stubborn Dog Hair Out of Carpet?

Sometimes you might have to battle stubborn dog hair in your carpet. If this happens to you, mix some fabric softener with water in a spray bottle. Dampen the carpet with the mixture for a few minutes before vacuuming it and the now loosened pet fur up.

How Do You Get Dog Hair Out of a Boat?

If you need to get dog hair out of your boat’s carpet, you can use a lint roller and a vacuum cleaner to get the hair up. 

This is usually enough for removing the worst of the fur and keeping your carpets clean and free of debris!

What Picks Up Dog Hair from Carpet?

The easiest tool for picking dog hair up from the carpet is a lint roller. Lint rollers have a sticky surface that causes loose pet hair to stick to them. It also pulls pet hair out of your carpets and loosens it so that you can vacuum the fur up.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Hair?

Although not every steam cleaner is appropriate for pet hair, some are. Steam cleaning meticulously pulls out the hairs that are stuck beneath your carpet’s fibres. Just make sure to use a machine that’s capable of pulling the fur out of the carpet and sucking it up properly.

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