How To Clean Glitter Off Carpet

How to Clean Glitter Off Carpet [3 Foolproof Methods]

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Crafting with the kids is all fun and games until someone spills glitter and gets it all over the carpet. Suddenly, your fun afternoon project has turned into a huge mess that you can’t seem to clean up!

If you spill glitter on your carpet, you can get it up with a vacuum, a balloon, or some linen. These DIY methods will get your carpet spotless again in no time.

Pre-Cleaning Process

Before you jump into any of the below methods, you need to make sure you get the worst of the glitter off the ground. That way you avoid worsening the issue. 

To start, grab a wet paper towel and use it to sweep the glitter into a single area. This will let you get up the majority of the sparkles before you start picking out glitter that’s wedged deep into your carpet’s fibers. 

Method #1: Vacuum

The first and easiest method for getting glitter spills off the carpet is to grab your vacuum cleaner. Attach your handheld vacuum extension. 

Now, turn on the machine and use the vacuum to suck up the entire pile of glitter. This method should quickly get your glitter up and out of your carpet’s fibers. 

Don’t be afraid to go over the glitter patch a few times. This can help pull glitter up that’s wedged deeply into your carpet’s fibers. 

Method #2: Balloon

Young Childs Hair With Balloons Static Electricity

Toys aren’t there just so you could step on them. Some can help too!

If you’ve already vacuumed and had no luck, you can use a sneaky trick with a balloon. For this method, find a balloon and blow it up. 

Now, rub the balloon against your hair or a clean patch of carpet to generate static electricity. Then, rub the balloon on your glittery mess to get up the rest of the spilled sparkles. 

If you have a smaller kid, this cleaning session can even turn into a fun static charge experiment. (Talk about hands-on education!)

Method #3: Lint Roller

If you’ve tried the vacuum and the balloon tricks and still have a couple of sparkles left behind, all hope is not lost. Just go to your linen closet and grab your lint roller.

Next, rub the lint roller over the glittery patch of carpet. This should pick up any remaining sparkles that are on the ground and keep your craft corner clean!

At this point, your workspace should be glitter free. You don’t have to worry about spreading the sparkles around the home and creating an even bigger mess. 

Post-Cleaning Process

Whichever method you choose, might need an extra touch. Since you already went through the hassle of cleaning glitter, why not spare a few more minutes to get rid of dirt? 

Your carpet steam cleaner might not help with glitter, but it’s a master at killing grease and crawlies..  Use it to go over every single corner of the carpet. 

When steam cleaning, take your time. This step takes longer than vacuuming your carpet. Rushing the job could cause you to miss spots.

Child Hands Covered In Glitter

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Glitter Off My Couch?

If you get glitter on your furniture, you can use a balloon that you previously rubbed against your hair. And then just vacuum the confetti that didn’t stick to the balloon. Make sure that you also follow any manufacturer’s instructions about what detergent you can use on your couch’s fabric.

What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Glitter?

The easiest method for removing glitter is to use your vacuum. This can get most of the glitter out of your carpet, especially if you have a powerful shop vac.

Why Is Glitter So Hard to Clean Up?

Glitter sticks to your carpet, making it tough to pick up with dry hands. On top of that, it’s small so it easily gets wedged into your carpet’s fibers.

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