Slug Slime Trail On Blue Fabric

How to Clean Slug Slime Off Carpet (Loop Pile or Cut Pile!)

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Slugs and snails can be a real nuisance once they get into your home. The absolute nightmare starts when they leave their trails on your favorite carpet. So, how to clean slug slime off carpet?

Slug slime is sticky, and that makes your carpet look like it has a mucus streak, yuck! Cleaning the slime is no walk in the park either. You have probably tried every possible cleaning trick, with your efforts proving futile, leaving you on the verge of tearing off your hair in despair.

But worry not! Slug slime is not a permanent stain.

Cleaning slug slime off your carpet will depend on its fabric and piling style. Different types of rugs require varying methods of slug trail removal. 

So here are the best ways to get slug slime off your carpet.

How to Clean Slug Slime Off Carpet – 2 Different Methods

Before you start cleaning, take note of the pile style used to make your carpet. It could be loop-piled, cut-piled, or a combination of both. Here is how you can clean slug slime from your carpet, depending on its piling style.

Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Carpet I How to Clean Slug Slime Off Carpet
Loop pile vs cut pile carpet

Removing Slime Trails from Loop Pile Carpets

A loop pile carpet consists of tightly bound fibers with unexposed tips tied in loops. Most commercial carpets are loop piled.

  1. Remove excess slime: the first step is to remove any excess wet or dry slime using a dry piece of cloth. 
  2. Let the trail dry: to a fragile kind of substance that you can easily brush off. You can use a blow-dry fan or the almighty baking soda to hasten the drying process.
  3. Scrape off the dried slime: using the blunt side of a knife, a paint scraper, or an old dry cloth.
  4. Brush the flakes off the carpet: with a soft-bristled brush. A vacuum cleaner will do a better job by picking any residue.

Removing Slime Trails from Cut Pile Carpets

Cut pile carpets have a high density of exposed fibers twisted together, such as velvet, shag, plush, fluff, and frieze. You will need these:

  • Baking soda
  • Base solution
  • A brush
  • Clean, dry towel
  • A vacuum cleaner

Here’s how to remove slug slime from a cut pile carpet:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on the slime: it will absorb all the moisture and leave a loose and dusty residue.
  2. Spray a solution of white vinegar on the dried slime: a mixture of 5 oz. white distilled vinegar and 3 oz. of water will dissolve dried slime residue. 
  3. Gently brush off the slime: gently use a soft-bristled brush to loosen up the slime from the carpet.
  4. Pat the area dry: use a clean towel to pat the area dry. In case there are stubborn stains, repeat the process.
  5. Vacuum clean the affected area: run the vacuum cleaner to remove any slug slime residue.

Use the above steps in cleaning slug slime off a cut-loop pile carpet. A cut-loop pile carpet is a combination of cut and loop pile styles.

Is Steam Cleaning a Good Idea (And When)?

If your basic instinct is to just steam the hell out of that stain, I hear you! But it’s wiser to resist the urge.

The thing is, anything watery will dilute the sticky, gluey substance that makes the slime so, well, slimey. And the more it dilutes, the deeper into the fibers it will get. Remember how we didn’t use water in either of the methods outlined above?

But this is not to say that steaming is bad for carpets (it isn’t). Feel free to steam to your heart’s content – but only once you got rid of the slime.

Slime Slug

How Do I Get Rid of Slugs Permanently?

Unless you enjoy cleaning up after snails and slugs, you will have to get rid of them by:

  • Identifying their entry points and blocking them.
  • Keeping all surfaces dry since slugs love damp areas.
  • Installing lights in dark spaces as they enjoy dark areas.
  • Placing beer in a jar to trap them since slugs are attracted to it.
  • Using natural slug repellents, such as fennels, garlic, and chives.

Important Note

The best way to clean slug trails is using enzymatic carpet cleaners. They contain bio-enzymes that eliminate food and odor-causing bacteria.

A Slug On Concrete
Say what?


Can I use water to clean slug slime from my carpet?

No, don’t use water to clean slug slime. Adding moisture will make the dirt sink deeper into the carpet, making it harder to remove. The only ingredients allowed are white vinegar and (optionally) some baking soda!

What kills slugs and snails?

Salt absorbs their body moisture, leaving them dehydrated and eventually dead. But you don’t have to kill them off. It’s also possible (and relatively easy) to keep them away! Just plant some wormwood, rosemary, or fennel, and they should steer clear from your place.

How do you clean dry slug slime?

It depends on where the slime landed! You can use salt or a paper towel to rub off the slime from walls or fabric. With thicker fabrics or rugs and carpets, some vinegar and baking soda will help. And if it got on your skin, just use a powdered borax hand soap.

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