How To Clean Your Carpet Using Awesome

How to Clean Your Carpet Using Awesome (Quick 6-Step Guide)

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Carpeting can set the tone of a room and tie it together—which is why when stained, it can really stand out and draw the wrong type of attention.

Luckily, there are a number of solutions for you to extract even the most stubborn of stains out of your carpet, and some will only set you back by as low as $1.25!

That is, if you know where to buy it, and how to use it.

How To Clean My Carpet Using Awesome?

There’s a reason so many people are raving about this product, and it’s not (just) the price.

It’s also ridiculously easy to use! With a handful of household items, all you have to do is:

  1. Pour some Awesome into a bowl and mix it in with water.
  2. The ratio of Awesome to water will depend on how strong you need the solution to be to clean the stain on the carpet. Always better to dilute it more with a handmade carpet or delicate weave.
  3. Grab a brush, ideally one with hard bristles, and scrub the stained area from left to right or in one direction.
  4. Scrub vigorously until the stain begins to fade.
  5. Let the area air dry and then vacuum thoroughly.
  6. Steam clean for a thorough and deep clean, and to avoid any bacteria or mites growing

Before buying strong cleaning products, it’s important to run a quick checklist of whether it’s a good fit for your home and your interiors:

Yes To Awesome

  • Its versatility and formula make it the go-to product to use across surfaces. From your car to your curtains, it’s a handy buy too.
  • With simple instructions, it’s pretty easy to use, and won’t leave your carpet in worse shape than you put it in. (And trust me when I say that this really is a HUGE pro! As a professional cleaner, I’ve seen things.)
  • You can easily use other cleaning methods after using Awesome, like vacuuming or steam cleaning.
  • If you hit a dollar store, you can get it for as low as $1.25. It’s so cheap, it’s almost free!

Maybe Not So Awesome

  • With Awesome being a concentrate, there is definitely a risk of mixing ratios which can be too strong or too light, making it not as effective in cleaning your carpet
  • When it comes to cleaning carpets using Awesome, you have to be super careful the ingredients are not corrosive and damaging to your carpet, as that can make your problem worse. Be sure to read their Safety Data Sheet before applying it to your carpet.
  • The smell can be overwhelming to some people. So if you’re like me and want to stick your nose into any bottle as soon as you open it, resist this urge! 

What You Need to Know About LA’s Totally Awesome

Quickly becoming a classic cleaning product over the past few years, LA’s Totally Awesome is a must-have under every kitchen sink cabinet. Being an all-purpose cleaning product, its uses can range from cleaning bathroom sinks, kitchen counters, grubby walls, and yes, even smudges on clothing.

The Awesome cleaner – pun intended – comes in handy for those impossible wine and coffee spills. Customers have even credited its effectiveness against stronger stuff like limescale, dirt, grease, oil, coffee stains and plenty more persistent spots or marks on any surface.

Packaged in a simple, yellow, 32 ounce plastic bottle, LA’s Totally Awesome can last you for a good while before it needs replacing.

All you need to make it work is a little bit of water! 

You can control the strength of the product by diluting it, depending on the severity of the damage done to your interiors, making it the perfect solution for carpet cleaning. 

What makes it even better is the four key (missing) ingredients: 

  • No acid
  • No ammonia
  • No bleach
  • Non-flammable 

Here’s how it works on pretty nasty car seats.

💡 Our online shopping habits have gone far and wide. But in the case of LA’s Totally Awesome, it’s better to just stop by a dollar store. You’ll get a MUCH better deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use on my carpet if I don’t have Awesome?

Don’t panic, we have another simple solution to cleaning your carpet without items you will find in every kitchen. 

Grab a bowl and mix in white vinegar, fabric softener and some lukewarm water, all in equal measures. Give it a stir and apply that mixture to the damaged area of the carpet. Give it a good scrub with a hard bristle brush until the stain fades. Let it dry naturally, or use a hair dryer if you’re in a hurry, and then vacuum. 

How can I steam clean my carpet after using Awesome?

If it occurred to you to pour Awesome into your steam cleaner, forget it. Not only could it break the steamer’s engine, but the hot steam could also raise harmful fumes! 

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t steam after using Awesome. To be completely safe, just give it a day’s wait to allow Awesome’s smells to evaporate completely. Once you can’t sniff out the citrus-y smell, steam your carpet as usual.

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