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How to Get Ajax Out of Carpet (and NOT End Up With an Ugly Stain)

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It works marvels on greasy dishes and hard surfaces, even when they are caked with dirt. But what happens when this powerhouse ends up on your carpet?

In other words, how do you clean the cleaner?

Let’s get one thing straight. If you’ve planned to use Ajax to de-stain your rug, forget it. Sure, Ajax is brilliant at removing stubborn stains, but keep it off your carpets and upholstery – ANY fabrics!

The thing is, abrasive cleaners like Ajax contain ammonium hydroxide, a bleaching agent. If you mistakenly or intentionally apply Ajax on your carpet, it may end up with unsightly patches, completely ruining the rug. But is there a cure?

Even though Ajax can leave ghastly patches, you can actually get rid of the spill without staining the carpet – if you get there fast enough! Whether it’s the powder cleanser or the dish soap, here’s how to get Ajax out of carpet.

Common Mistakes When Ajax Spills on Carpet

1. Pouring Water

This is a biggie. Never pour water on the Ajax powder cleanser as it will dissolve and react with the carpet, leaving white bleach spots on it.

In addition, pouring water will only spread the Ajax all over your carpet. Instead of killing your spill, you’ll end up having an even bigger spill!

2. Leaving the Ajax Dish Soap to Dry

Once the Ajax dish soap dries up on your carpet, it will take more effort to get rid of it. What’s more, it may be impossible to remove Ajax stains from certain carpet fabrics. The earlier you clean it up, the better.

How to Get Ajax Out of Carpet (ALL Varieties!)

Mistakes happen, so don’t beat yourself over spilled Ajax on the carpet, as there might be a solution to the mess.

The biggest challenge is cleaning off Ajax cleaning powder, which has bleach. In liquid form, Ajax Ultra bleaching products will leave white patches on colored carpets.

You can clean the different types of Ajax product stains on carpet following these steps:

If You Spilled Ajax Powder Cleanser…

Vacuuming Carpet And Wood Floor

For the Ajax cleanser powder, all you need to do is vacuum the powder out of the carpet before it gets into contact with ANY liquid.

In this case, trying to get rid of the cleanser by pouring water on it is the worst move.

If You Spilled Ajax Dish Soap…

To get rid of white patches left on your colored carpet by Ajax dish soap, here are some essential tips to take note of:

  1. Blot up the area immediately to remove excess Ajax dish soap.
  2. Sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. Let it dry, then vacuum the area. Finally, use steam cleaners to remove stubborn stains.
  3. If you can’t lift the stain after all this, it’s time to call in professional cleaners.

What About Ajax Bleach Spots?

Removing Ajax bleached spots can be an uphill task because bleach spots are permanent. To redeem the original look, you need to re-dye it.

But first, clean the affected area with a steam cleaner to completely remove the chemicals. 

Finally, Dried Ajax Dish Soap

Dish Soap Spilling On A Sponge

Sometimes, the liquid soap dries up on the carpet without your noticing. In most cases, you can remove all types of Ajax products from your carpet using a steam cleaner if you have one.

The high temperatures and pressure weakens its molecules and makes them easier to clean up. Call professional cleaners to steam clean the area and re-dye the spot if you don’t have a steam cleaner.

Bottom Line

You can remove Ajax Ultra from your carpet if you act fast and avoid pouring liquid on it. Blotting up excess Ajax and sprinkling baking soda on it is also a good move.

The easiest to clean is Ajax powder, as all you have to do is vacuum it off. For the others, steam cleaning is your best bet. Unfortunately, most bleach stains are permanent, so you will have to re-dye the carpet after the steam cleaning.


Can you put Ajax on the carpet?

No, you should never use Ajax as carpet cleaner. It will bleach colored carpets, leaving white-colored stains and weakening your carpet’s fabric.

Instead, you’ll want to use a regular carpet cleaning solution that’s specifically tailored to NOT damage carpets and upholstery.

How can I remove the bleach stain from the carpet?

To get a bleach stain out of a carpet, use a steam cleaner to lift the stain and disinfect the area. Unfortunately, if you didn’t react in an instant, chances are you will have to re-dye your carpet. Bleach is one of the very few stains that are virtually impossible to get rid of! 

Can I put Ajax in a dishwasher?

No, you should not put Ajax in a dishwasher because it will cause the subs to overflow and may eventually damage your machine.

But the truth is, there would be no point to do it even if it were safe! With the spray blasts at very high temperatures, there’s no need to use any abrasives.

Remember: Ajax is your friend and ally when you need to use mechanical force. (That is, scrub the heck out of a pot or pan.) In all other situations, it can do more harm than good!

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