How To Get Anal Gland Smell Out Of Carpet

How To Get Anal Gland Smell Out Of Carpet (The joys of having pets!)

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Are you a proud pet parent, but find yourself dealing with the less glamorous aspects of pet ownership? If you have a furry friend who tends to leave unpleasant smells behind, specifically anal gland odor on your carpet, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll teach you with how to get anal gland smell out of carpet.

If you’ve got pets and particularly if you have dogs or cats you’ve probably experienced the joys of your fur baby peeing on your carpet. Perhaps it’s due to a UTI or perhaps they’re a kitten still learning to use the designated restroom. Or they might be ‘marking’ their beloved territory!

Either way, the result is that your carpets can develop a noticeable anal gland smell. That scent is far from pleasant and can start to make your whole house reek. 

To get the smell out of your carpet you’ll need either a DIY odor remover or a commercial as well as some dry towels. You may also want to steam clean the carpet as a final course of action. 

How Does Anal Gland Smell Get Into My Carpet?

Sniff, sniff. For some reason, your home seems to smell like, well, dog butt. Gross!

But what in the world is causing that scent throughout your home?

There are two major reasons why you might have anal gland smell in your home. One reason is if your pet is marking its territory. Animals that are un-neutered may leave anal gland fluid around the home to mark their space. 

The second reason you might smell anal gland scents in the room is if your pet is unwell. Pets with infections may unknowingly leave anal fluid around the home, causing your house to stink. 

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Step One: Figure Out Where Your Furry Friend Hangs Out

If you notice anal gland smells in your carpets then you’ll also notice that there are usually a couple of sections that smell worse than others. These are often spaces where your pet enjoys hanging out. 

To find these patches, look for dark spots on the carpet or signs that your pet has been hanging out in a certain place. You can also check popular social spots such as the dining room or the living room where your pet might relax with the rest of the family. 

After you find the most problematic areas, mark the carpet using a piece of chalk or by laying down a piece of cloth. This helps you remember where you’ll need to spend extra time cleaning.

Step Two: Spritz the Area With Vinegar and Hot Water

Next, it’s time to apply your odor neutralizer to the problem patches. No clue what odor neutralizer is? Don’t worry. It’s simple. 

To make a DIY odor neutralizer just mix two cups of warm water and two cups of distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle so that the mixture becomes well-combined. 

Now, armed with your odor eliminator, apply the solution to the areas you marked. You can also apply it to any spots where you think your pet hangs out or may have wiped its backside.

Pro Tip: if you want a citrusy scent, you can chop up some lemon peels and add them to your odor neutralizing spray. Just make sure not to use essential oils as these are often harmful to pets.  

Someone Is Cleaning A Carpet With Sprayer

Step Three: Let the Carpet Dry

After applying a generous amount of the solution to your carpet, you’ll need to soak up the surplus. Grab a few thick towels and lay them on top of the patches where you sprayed your pet odor eliminator. 

Use the towels to soak up the extra solution so that the carpet is more or less dry. Even once you feel that the carpet is dried, you’re not done. 

Walk away from the carpet and allow it to air dry for a few hours. When the carpet is fully dry you can take a whiff of the area to see if the scent is gone. 

If you’ve still got odors, you can repeat the process. If not, it’s time to move on to step five and wrap up the process. 

Step Five: Steam Clean

After using cleaning solutions on your carpet it’s a good idea to steam clean the room. If you have pets and carpet, it is an excellent idea to look into a steam cleaner for pets

 This gets the solution out of the carpet and deep cleans the fibers. Follow your steam cleaner’s manufacturer’s instructions and steam clean the entire room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dogs Paw On The Girls Hand

Why Do Pets Have Anal Glands?

Cats and dogs have two small sacs on each side of the anus. These glands produce a strong-smelling fluid that’s unique to each animal. The purpose of these glands is for dogs and cats to mark their territory and fend off predators. 

How To Get Anal Gland Smell Out Of Carpet?

If you notice that your carpets are smelling like anal glands, your pet probably has a health issue. You’ll want to take Fido to the vet to get him checked out. If health concerns are ruled out, it could simply be the need for better grooming to keep your baby healthy and your carpets smelling nice. 

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