How To Get Bird Poop Out Of Carpet

How to Get Bird Poop Out of Carpet: Tips to Keeping Playtime Clean

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Birds are fluffy and adorable, but their poop accidents are far from it! Like babies, birds can’t really control where and when they go number 2, as your carpet probably knows.

And if it doesn’t, it’s bound to find out!

The following steps can help you get bird poop out of your carpet quickly and without hassle. This lets you play with your little feathery friend while keeping clean!

How to Clean Bird Droppings Out of Carpet?

A Little Girl Petting A Parrot

Whether you’re dealing with a ringneck or a parrot, their droppings are more or less the same, as is the cleaning process.

1. Rough Work With Cardboard

Maybe I should call this step “the anatomy of a bird poo.”

That’s because bird droppings typically contain BOTH pee and poo. So you have both liquids and solids to deal with.

Most bird sh*t removal guides will tell you to blot up the liquids with a cloth first. Wrong!

It makes much more sense to pick up the solids first, scooping them up between 2 pieces of thin cardboard. Makes it way less likely to smudge the stain and make it bigger!

You’ll find that the cardboard will have picked up some of the liquids too. For the rest of them, you can use a paper towel to soak them up.

By the way, some bird owners will tell you to let the poop sit on your carpet for at least a day to dry. That’s a risky move! Bird poop is acidic, which means it has the power to damage your carpet. If it were to soak through the carpet, the flooring may be at risk too!

2. DIY Poop Killer

What are the only two substances in the universe that you can use both in cooking AND cleaning?

Vinegar and baking soda, of course.

 Add a few dollops of dish soap to the equation, and you’re ready to proceed with the next stage of “unpooping” your carpet.

Here’s how it goes. Pour some dish soap into a cup of warm water, and add a spoonful of white vinegar along with a pinch of soda. Dip a corner of an old rag into it, and dab onto the stain. A few passes and you’re done.That is, of course, if you don’t have a dedicated stain-cleaning spray or foam. (Or a special spot cleaning machine.)

3. Steam to Clean (Optional)

Not everyone will be able or even willing to take this step. Take it if:

  • You have a steam cleaner (obviously!)
  • The stain hasn’t come out completely
  • It has come out, but it still smells
  • You want to turn this accident into an excuse to clean the whole carpet. (All of us have our quirks!)

In my book, steam is the best stain buster ever. At least where organic stains are concerned. And bird poop is organic alright!

Plus, steam will thoroughly disinfect the stain, killing off any germs that may have been left there even after the poop is gone.

How to Deal With Dried Bird Poop?

The people who tell you “just let it dry” have got one thing right. Dried poop is so much easier to clean than its wet and messy counterpart!

Sometimes, a simple duster-and-dustpan combo will do. Especially if you’re lucky enough to have an earth-colored (or shall we say, poop-colored) carpet!

But what if there’s a stain too? Two drops of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia should take care of it. Leave those for some 5-6 minutes (not more, as it’s a bleaching agent). Rinse it well and you’re done!

If you don’t have any chemicals at hand, give it a go with your steamer. It will lift the stain AND deal with the smell and germs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can baking soda take out bird poop?

What works on your car will work on your carpet or upholstery too! Mix a pinch of baking soda, as well as hot or warm water. Shake until the baking soda is dissolved. Spray this mixture on dried bird poopies and allow it to soak before wiping it carefully. For better effect, add a bit of white vinegar too!

Can you touch bird poop?

No! You shouldn’t, and why would you?

Bird poop carries germs that may cause certain diseases. If poop accidentally ends up on your hand, wash them thoroughly and always use gloves or tissues when picking up after your feathery friend.

Does bird poop smell?

Bird poop doesn’t smell, as their diet is mainly fruits and vegetables, with seeds. Your other pets who might eat meat, such as your dogs’ poop, may smell because of the meat protein they consume.

You might not get a smell because the food digests quickly through your bird’s lower digestive tract, so the poop doesn’t ferment (which usually makes it smell). Although it doesn’t smell, you shouldn’t leave the cleaning for later!

Does WD 40 help with bird poop?

Yes. Spray some WD 40 on the bird poop and let it soak for one minute before rinsing it or wiping it with a clean cloth. This works best on cars.

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