How To Get Bubble Solution Out Of Carpet

How To Get Bubble Solution Out of Carpet as well as Bubble Bath (Easy Peasy!)

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Playing with bubbles is a childhood activity many of us have enjoyed. And, it’s one that most of our kids continue to enjoy!

However, bubble fluid can easily be spilled. That can cause it to sink into your carpet and potentially allow mold to grow. 

In this blog post, learn how to get bubble solution out of carpet with some hot water and a sponge. 

Is Bubble Fluid Bad for Carpets?

Before we start talking about how to clean up bubble fluid from your carpets, let’s talk about what bubble fluid is and whether or not it’s actually a concern. After all, isn’t bubble fluid made out of dish soap and water?

Even though many homemade bubble fluid recipes do contain just water and dish soap, commercial bubble fluids don’t. Commercial bubble fluids also contain glycerin which can leave behind sticky stuff that will need special sticky residue cleaning

If you don’t clean up bubble fluid quickly, that sticky residue can start causing problems. It can attract dust and dirt, creating a crusty patch of carpet that’s tough to clean. Yuck!

How To Get Bubble Solution Out of Carpet in 3 easy steps

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So, how to clean bubble mixture from carpet? The good news is that it’s pretty easy to remove commercial bubble mix from carpets. All you really need to get the job done is a cloth or a sponge and a white towel to know how to clean up bubbles from carpet. 

Step 1 – Clean the excess liquid 

First, grab your cloth and blot the area dry. I recommend using a white towel as you’ll be able to see the bubble mix come off the carpet more easily. 

Step 2 – Work the surface 

Next, wet the sponge with a little bit of hot water. Gently dab it onto the spill to break up the soapy residue on the floor. 

You may notice that the stain starts to foam as you work on it. This is a good sign as it means that the soap is coming out of the carpet’s fibers.

Step 3 – Dry with a clean towel 

Once you’ve loosened the residue, blot the area dry with a clean towel. You may need to repeat the process a few times until there’s no more bubble mix on the floor. 

But What About Bubble Bath?

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Okay, so you’ve got the bubble mix out of your carpet. But what about how to clean up bubble bath solution from carpet? This other sudsy stuff can also leave soapy mixture strewn throughout your carpet. 

If you’ve got bubble bath in your carpet, you might have a bit of a tougher time getting it out of your carpet. Why? Because bubble bath contains a few additional ingredients (including more glycerin). 

To get rid of the bubble bath solution from your carpet, just dab the area dry with a towel. Then, apply a little bit of hot water to the stain and blot the area to help loosen the bubble bath. 

When you’ve finished getting the bubble bath out of your carpet, you can dry the area with a clean towel. 

Voilá! Bubble bath be gone!

How to Make Carpet-Friendly Bubble Fluid

While there are plenty of bubble recipes out there involving food coloring and sugar, these aren’t exactly carpet-friendly recipes. If they spill, they can leave nasty stains behind that are particularly tough to remove. 

If you’d rather skip these recipes or forgo the commercial bubble fluid, you can make your own at-home and carpet-friendly bubble fluid. To start, you’ll need: 

  • Empty bubble fluid containers
  • 4 tablespoons of dish fluid
  • 1 cup of water

The reason why you don’t need sugar in your bubble fluid is that the sugar only serves the purpose of making the bubbles last longer. You can still blow bubbles without it, they’re just likely to pop faster. 

To make this bubble fluid, mix the ingredients together thoroughly. Then, add them to your bubble fluid containers and hand them out to your kids! 

Since this solution is made out of purely dish soap and water, it won’t leave behind the same sticky residue as commercial bubble solution will.

So, if you say – your child spilled whole bottle of blowing bubbles on carpet – how to get it out? It is not unusual for children to spill bubble fluid on the carpet, leaving parents to wonder how to clean up the mess. Bubble fluid can be damaging to carpets if not cleaned up properly, so it is important to act quickly.

This solution makes it ideal for busy moms who don’t have time to clean up tons of bubble solution stains!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Shower Gel Out of Carpet?

You can get shower gel out of your carpet by pouring hot water on it. Then, dab the area dry with a dry cloth. Repeat the process as many times as you need to get rid of the remaining shower gel. 

Does Bubble Solution Stain?

Although bubble solution won’t typically stain the carpet, it can save some other materials. Silk and suede are two materials that bubble solution can stain. Plus, the bubble solution can leave sticky residue behind it even if it doesn’t stain. 

How Do You Get Soap Out of Carpet Without a Wet/Dry Vacuum?

Many people think that they need a wet and dry vacuum to get soap out of their carpets. However, you can actually get soap out of your carpet by simply using a wet and dry cloth. Just alternate blotting the soapy spill with a wet and dry cloth. 

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