How To Get Chalkboard Paint Out Of Carpet

How To Get Chalkboard Paint Out Of Carpet

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Chalkboard paint is an incredible material. It allows you to turn any wall into an interactive surface where you can sketch, leave notes, and generally get creative! 

However, if you spill chalkboard paint on your carpet, it can also create a mess. If that happens, you’ll need to know how to get the paint off your floor. 

To get chalkboard paint out of your carpet, you’ll need rags, a steam cleaner, liquid dish detergent, and warm water. From there, you can easily blot the stains to lift them out of the carpet. 

What You’ll Need to Clean Up Chalkboard Paint

If you’re thinking you’ll need fancy cleaners to get chalkboard paint out of your carpet, we’re happy to announce that you’re wrong. All you’ll need is: 

  • Gloves (optional)
  • Rags
  • A steam cleaner for dry stains
  • Liquid dish detergent
  • Paper towels
  • Warm water

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Step One: Steam Clean the Stains

If you don’t notice the chalkboard paint stain on your carpet until after it’s already dried, don’t panic. You can get it out of your carpet with a handheld steam cleaner. This rehydrates the stains and makes them easier to remove. 

A Woman Is Steam Cleaning A Carpet

Steam cleaning stains on your carpet is easy. To do so, just: 

  1. Fill your steam cleaner with warm water. The warmer the water, the less time the steam cleaner will take to heat up. 
  2. Run the steam cleaner over the stain. Be careful not to press down too hard as this can set the stain. 
  3. Go over the stain twice to be sure you didn’t miss a spot.
  4. Let the stain dry.

Steam cleaners are sensitive machines, which means that you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Read these before getting to work or you could damge your carpets and your machine.

Step Two: Soak Up the Excess With Rags, Towels, and Cloths

If you’re dealing with freshly spilled chalkboard paint you can skip the first step and move straight to this step. This step just involves soaking up the stain before it sinks deep into your carpet and becomes hard to remove!

For this step, apply some towels, rags, or clothes (whatever you have on hand here will work just fine) to the stain. Let the towels sit on the chalk paint until they’re fully saturated with the mixture. 

Once they are and the worst of the stain is up, you can move onto the next step.

Pro Tip: Chalkboard paint will stain your towels and rags, too. It’s best to use paper or disposable towels to soak up the paint or else you’ll ruin all the rags in your house!

Step Three: Mix Up a Magical Mixture of Dishsoap and Water

A Man Cleans A Carpet With Soap

After you get the worst of the paint up, it’s time for you to move onto actually attacking the stain. This step gets rid of anything remaining in your carpet and ensures that you’ll leave it as good as new!

Mix a couple of cups of warm water with a few drops of dish liquid together in a bucket. Now, soak a rag in the mixture and begin applying the soap and water to your chalkboard stain.

It’s best to work from the outside in here as this prevents you from spreading the stain around. Keep adding more soapy water and rinsing your rag in the water in between dabbing the stain.

Also, if you’ve ever done water-color painting you know how quickly the paint can ruin your cup of clean water. The same goes for the chalkboard paint method.

Every now and then you’ll need to change your water. Otherwise, you’ll just be applying dirty, diluted paint water to your carpet!

Step Four: Dry the Carpet

As you work at your carpet, you should slowly see the paint dissipating. However, once you finish the job, you’ll still be left with water soaked carpets!

What you’ll need to do here is dab at the carpet with some more dry rags (we know, you’re using a ton of rags for this job). The rags will help pull the moisture from the carpet along with any lingering paint.

If you still see paint in your carpet, you can repeat the entire process all over again. Then, let your carpet dry for an hour or two. 

Wanting to speed up the process? You can make time go faster by turning on fans or positioning an upright fan over the stain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Chalkboard With Drawings

Does Blackboard Paint Wash Off?

Blackboard paint will wash off skin, but not carpets. To get paint out of carpets you’ll need to use some dish soap and water to remove the substance from your carpets. 

Can You Clean Chalkboard Paint Out of Carpet?

Yes! You can clean chalkboard paint out of the carpet using dish soap and water. Feel free to use as much water and soap as you need to get the stain out of the carpet. 

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