How To Get Grout Out Of Carpet

How to Get Grout Out of The Carpet (Dry OR Wet): 7-Step Guide

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No one likes a mess, and when it comes to home cleaning, there is nothing worse than a stubborn stain refusing to give up.

This is especially true if it’s a SUPER stubborn stain like a grout spill on the carpet. Aside from that, genius tricks on the Internet teaching how to get grout out of carpet are not always for us!

Sort of a headache, right? Well, don’t you worry for here’s a 7-step guide!


Getting grout out of carpet can be a little tricky as it is basically cement. However, with proper tools and supplies, you should be able to tackle this clean-up on your own, and of course with this 7-step guide.

Bear one thing in mind though: The only way to remove wet cement is to act immediately, while it’s still wet! The longer you wait, the smaller the chance to save your carpet (and your money).

In this article, I’ll teach you how to get rid of this stubborn stain using dry-cleaning solution and common household items.

Let’s get to work!

Tools and Supplies

  • Dry cleaning fluid (powder or spray) – the substance used by professionals who dry clean carpets
  • An old spoon
  • Several clean, white microfiber cloths
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap or laundry detergent for delicate fabrics
  • A stiff brush
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A steam cleaner (optional)

How to Get Grout Out of Carpet – Step By Step Guide

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If you only spilled some cement powder, you’re basically in heaven. All you need are a few passes of a powerful vac and you’re done. Just make sure not to bring in any water!

⚠️ Before you begin: open up all windows in the room, and put on a face mask just in case. Dry cleaning fluids can be pretty toxic! Some varieties are inflammable too.

  1. It’s best not to do this inside but bring the carpet into the backyard. Once the operation is done, it’s going to need some washing!
  2. Scoop up all the liquids and solids of cement with an old spoon you’ll never need again. Gentle moves only! You don’t want to push the thinset even deeper into the fibers. 
  3. Pour a wee bit of dry-cleaning solution to a cloth and carefully wipe at the stain, always using another clean corner of the cloth and working your way from outside into the stain. You’ll need at least 2 cloths for this, preferably more. Use them up and say goodbye to them!
  4. The dry cleaning solution should help the cement dissolve a bit. If it killed the stain, finish it up with a clean, wet cloth and let it dry naturally. Don’t be surprised if the area looks bleached! Alas, cement will do that to a carpet.
  5. Most of the time, just working the stain with a dry cleaner won’t be enough. Dish soap to the rescue! Mix a few drops with some warm water. Dip a corner of a new cloth into the foam and pat on the stain gently. Again, no scrubbing left and right or up and down! Dip and dab as many times (and as many cloths) as it takes, using a clean corner and new cloth whenever needed.
  6. Is the stain gone? Give the carpet (or the affected area at least) a thorough cold shower, using a stiff brush to comb away any remnants of the cleaner that may have been stuck in. That stuff is nasty and you want it out of your carpet ASAP! Then wash your carpet normally.
  7. The final step is entirely optional. Granted, steamers do wonders at cleaning tile grout, but they are pretty powerless with grout on carpet! However, once you got rid of the stain AND the dry cleaning liquid, you can treat your carpet to a round of steam to make it fluffy again.
The Man Lays The Grout

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get dried mortar out of the carpet?

First, you’ll need to help the dried mortar dissolve by using a tiny bit of dry-cleaning spray or powder with some water. Put those on a clean white cloth and dab at the mortar until it starts releasing. Blot the wets with another cloth. Then, treat the stain with some dish soap and warm water. Once it’s done, rinse it well and let it air dry!

How do you deep-clean floor tile grout?

The most efficient remedy for dirty tile grout is steam! Get a steam cleaner and set it to the highest pressure and temperature. Whoosh away the dirt, then mop it up.

So, there you have it! The next time you encounter an annoying grout, you know what to do! *wink wink*

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