How To Get Protein Shake Out Of Carpet (1)

How To Get Protein Shake Out Of Carpet

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If you’re going to bulk up, a great way to do so is with a protein shake or two. Just make sure that you drink it from an enclosed cup or you could end up like Body Builder Bob with a protein shake stain on his carpet!

In the event that you do spill protein shake on your carpets, there’s a quick process you can use to get the protein shake out of the carpet. 

Scoop the protein shake up, dilute the stain, and use a vinegar solution to lift the stain. Finally, steam clean your carpet. 

Step One: Scoop the Shake

The first step to getting the shake out of the carpet is to scoop it up. Even though this seems simple, it’s important for making sure you get the worst out of the carpet before you start attacking it with stain remover. 

The sooner you clean up the stain, the easier it is to get out of the carpet. As soon as you notice the stain, get to work scooping it up. Failing to do so can allow it to penetrate through to the padding, which makes the job much trickier. 

Step Two: Dilute the Stain

Diluting The Protein Shake Stain

Once you’ve scooped the worst of the stain out of the carpet it’s time to work on diluting the stain. To do this, fill a medicine dropper with water. 

Then, add a few drops of water to the remaining stain on the carpet. Use a paper towel to blot at the stain and gently clean up the shake. 

This step is important because it helps dilute the stain. The result is that you’ll have a much easier time getting the stain out of your carpet.

Step Three: Use Vinegar

After blotting at the stain, head to your kitchen. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 ½ cup of distilled white vinegar. This natural cleaning solution is what will ultimately break down the stain on your carpet. 

Once you’ve properly mixed the ingredients together, pour the solution on the stain. Allow the solution to soak into the stain for about five minutes. 

When the time is up, start blotting the protein shake on the carpet with a paper towel or a rag. Start at the edges of the stain and slowly make your way to the interior part of the stain. Keep blotting until you get all the stain up.

Step Four: Steam Clean

A Woman Sits Next To Protein Shake

The last piece of the puzzle is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning stains is important because it helps rinse out the residue that’s left on your carpet from the protein shake. 

To start, fill your steam cleaner with hot water. Using hot water helps speed up the heating process on the machine so that you can get to work faster. 

Then, start at a corner diagonal from the door to the room. Make your way from the corner to the door, being careful not to step on any already steamed areas of the carpet. 

Allow the carpet to dry. Open all the doors and windows and turn on the ceiling fan if you have one. It should take about eight hours for your carpet to dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Dried Carpet?

You should dampen your carpet before you start cleaning it. The best way to do this is to spot clean stains before using the steam cleaner to get the worst of the grime out of the carpet fibres. For a broader area, you can start with a steamer as it will provide moisture to your carpet (before it dries again).

How Do You Clean Protein Powder Off the Floor?

Cleaning Protein Powder Off The Floor

If you only spilled protein powder and not an actual beverage, your job is a whole lot easier. You can clean protein powder off the floor by vacuuming thoroughly, dry brushing, vacuuming again, and then using your steam cleaner. 

How Do You Clean Dried Stains Out of the Carpet?

Sometimes your protein shake spill will go unnoticed, causing it to dry before you get to it. In that case, you’ll want to repeat the process. You may need to leave the vinegar mixture to sit on the stain for a longer amount of time before you move onto the steam cleaning stage.

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