How To Get Ramen Stain Out Of Carpet

How To Get Ramen Stain Out Of Carpet

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Even though ramen is famous college student food, it’s honestly a delicious meal. The only difficulty is that all that slurping can lead to soup spillage and drops getting on your clean carpet. 

Luckily, you can get ramen stains out of the carpet with paper towels, vinegar, and a little bit of cornstarch. Just remember to steam clean the carpet when you’re done!

Step 1: Pick Up the Noodles

If you spill ramen on your floors, the first step to take is to pick up all the spilled noodles. Use a dishcloth or paper towel to pick up the noodles so that the towel absorbs any dripping soup that’s still on the slippery noodles. 

Next, use another paper towel or a clean dishcloth to dab up as much of the spilled soup as you can. Make sure to blot the soup spills and not rub, as this can spread the soup into a bigger part of the carpet and leave you with a bigger problem. 

If you are dealing with dried noodles (it doesn’t take long for them to go dry), make sure all excess is removed. You may need to vacuum the area to make sure it’s all clear.

Step 2: Make a Vinegar Paste

Cleaning With Table Salt And Vinegar

Once you’ve got the worst of the noodles and the excess soup up, you’re ready to start tackling the stain. Start by mixing one to two tablespoons of table salt with ½ cup of distilled white vinegar.

Now, use a rag to rub the solution into the ramen stain. Allow the solution to dry on the carpet’s stain. 

Once the solution dries, vacuum up the remaining residue. If you notice that there are still stains on the carpet, create another batch of vinegar paste but add two tablespoons of Borax. Then, repeat the procedure.

Step 3: Apply Cornstarch

You may notice that some parts of the carpet are stained more badly than others. You can spot-treat these problem areas with a simple solution. 

What you’ll do is make a paste using one tablespoon of vinegar and one tablespoon of cornstarch. Rub the paste into the stain and leave it to sit for two days. Then, vacuum up the now dried paste. 

Step 4: Heat Treat

After you’ve used the above methods, it’s time to heat treat the carpet. Lay down paper towels on any remaining stains.

Now, using a clothes iron, run the iron over the stains. At this stage, all the residual soup stain should end up on the paper towel. 

Step 5: Steam Clean

When you’ve got all the ramen noodles, soup, and fat off the floor you should steam clean your carpet. This helps get deep into the carpet’s fibers and remove any spillage, debris, and dirt. It also kills any bacteria that started to feed on the stain. 

Start by filling your steam cleaner with hot water. Then, move the steam cleaner over every part of your carpet, steadily making your way from one end of the room to the other. 

Be careful to slightly overlap the lines you make on the floor with the steam cleaner as you work. Also, take care not to step on the spots that you’ve already treated. 

Finish up by allowing the room to air-dry. This should take between eight and 12 hours to complete. 

A Woman Eats Ramen

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ramen Stain Carpet?

Ramen easily stains carpets and leaves fat residue behind on your floors. The darker the soup, the worse the stain will be. Spicy soups that have red dyes and spices in them can also cause more stubborn stains. 

How to Get Chicken Ramen Stains Out of Carpet?

Regardless of the type of ramen you’re eating, you’ll want to use the above steps to get the stain out of your floor. This method works on beef, chicken, seafood, and other types of ramen. 

Why is Ramen so popular with students?

There are two main reasons for ramen’s popularity among college students. It is a cheap meal and it is very easy to prepare.

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