How To Get Rawhide Out Of Carpet

How to Get Rawhide Out of Carpet (Quick 3-Step Guide)

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So you’ve got a four-legged friend who can quite enthusiastically chew-and-chew-and-chew to their heart’s content.

That’s great, wonderful even. And it’s nice to see your friend so happy.

But, unfortunately, they may get a little TOO enthusiastic.

And bring their slobbery rawhide chewable onto the carpet.

Before you even realize it, there’s a lovely mixture of saliva and rawhide on your carpet.

And unfortunately, rawhide does stain carpet. In fact, it does a great job staining a variety of different furniture as well. It can even cause a little bit of discoloration.

But don’t fret!

I’ve got the solution.

3 Easy Steps for Cleaning Rawhide

 Step 1: Gather Your Tools

 You’re going to need to get yourself a brush, some hot water, and vinegar. A vacuum will also help. 

(And a steam cleaner, because steam cleaners are great for many purposes!)

If you don’t have a vacuum, you could also just try to use a normal broom to sweep up any residue.

It’s not about getting all the stains out at once. It’s about systematically lessening them until there are none at all.

Step 2: Getting To Work

After mixing hot water with a small amount of vinegar, dip the brush into the mixture. Start scrubbing vigorously until the rawhide gets out of the carpet.

(You could also dig in with your nails, but I find this to be a tedious and uncomfortable process.)

If the vinegar method doesn’t work, you can try using Folex, an amazing stain remover that doesn’t require any water. Just spray it, rub it, and blot it up.

If that doesn’t work either, hop on over to my guide on how to get rid of kneaded eraser stains. Some of those tips could work on rawhide too, since it’s another chewy, bubble-gummy kind of substance.

A Woman Is Cleaning Carpet 1

Step 3: Clean Up

Pick up the pieces you can with your hand, and then get to vacuuming up any very small pieces. 

Next, give it a steam clean to get rid of any residual mess and stain.

And That’s That!

 That’s all you need to know for how to get rawhide out of your carpet.

Just make sure, in the future, that your dog enjoys their treats outside.

Or at the very least, away from the carpet or anything else remotely stainable!

But What Is This Thing My Dog Loves Chewing So Much?

Kid And Dog On A Carpet

Rawhide is essentially just the inner layer of either horse or cowhides.

Manufacturers ground and press the hide into treats. They might also add some flavoring, such as beef. (Sounds delicious!)

People use the outer layer to make shoes, amongst other things.

They use the outer layer (of course) to make our dogs happy.

It’s quite great because along with providing you with a way to help your dog remove tartar and plaque on their teeth.

It’s also a great stress reliever! Think of it like a stress ball for dogs.

But the problem is, it’s a potentially dangerous stress ball. 

The Dangers of Rawhide Chewables 

Sounds ominous.

It’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be.

And maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

But the fact is, rawhide does have a blockage and choking risk. And should this occur, your vet will have to either get these pieces out of their throat or through surgery.

(Which is expensive, and painful for your little guy.)

It’s unlikely though.

Rawhide can also cause teeth to break and has a tiny risk of E. Coli or Salmonella infection.

These are just disclaimers, and in the large majority of cases, you have nothing to worry about.
But in general, they’re not the healthiest of treats, despite the benefits.

Veterinarians With A Dog

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get dog bone out of carpet?

It’ll need a bit of grit and elbow grease, and a brush, but you’ll get there! Just stick with it and apply a vinegar and hot water mixture to the brush for some added oomph.

Does rawhide dissolve? 

No, rawhide doesn’t dissolve. This means that it won’t dissolve in your dog’s stomach either! You should think twice before giving dogs rawhide, especially with smaller breeds. It can cause intestinal blockage. 

How do you clean rawhide bones?

It isn’t too difficult. Just run some water over the bones and clear off the drool (the signs of enthusiasm) from the bone. And scrub it with a toothbrush or a small brush as well to clean off the dirt.

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