How To Get Sand Out Of Your Carpet

How To Get Sand Out Of Your Carpet (You Have To Act Quick!)

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Sand in between your toes brings your vacay alive, but the sand trail leading into your house may lead to an unwanted grainy carpet.

Sand in your carpets can make your carpet look dull and sad, but you can easily clean it by brushing and vacuuming.

Keep on reading and follow these tips step-by-step and save your expensive carpet!

What Does Sand Do To My Carpet?

Sand can actually be a big detriment to your carpet!

Since sand has really fine particles, it goes deep within the carpet fibers and destroys the appearance of your carpet over time. The build-up of particles cuts through your fibers, causing them to look constantly dirty, no matter how much you clean them. This is especially true when the sand rubs together.

So before it gets so bad, you have to deal with it immediately.

Damaged carpets look lifeless and droopy, which brings the whole room down, so it’s important to keep sand out of the carpet as much as possible.

How To Get Sand Out Of Carpet – Dos, And Don’ts

When cleaning the carpets, remember the following:

  • DO NOT leave the sand for too long without trying to clean it. Not only is it weird and uncomfortable to walk on, but as I mentioned before, the sand has sharp edges that will cut through the fibers in the carpet. The longer you leave it, the more your carpet gets destroyed. Also, little critters and pests can start living in the carpets.
  • Grab a soft-bristled brush and brush the carpet from one side to loosen the hidden deposits of sand. A microfiber cloth can also help dislodge the sand from the carpet.
  • If your carpet/rug is movable, hang it up outside and beat it to loosen the sand. Then use a brush and comb through the carpet a couple of times to get rid of the stubborn grains of sand. Keep doing this until no more sand falls out.
  • Vacuum the carpet properly. This will immediately eliminate all the sand on top of the fibers. You must vacuum in different directions with a low brush setting so that the suction can reach deep into the carpet. Vacuum the carpet two or three times. I know this is quite a workout, but it’s sure to get the sand out.
  • You can also use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the underlying sand. I recommend steam cleaning, as the hot steam can eliminate the dust and dirt that’s trapped in the carpets.
  • Don’t spray the carpets with a lot of water, as making it wet can cause the sand to go deeper into the carpet.
  • If you are using a bagged vacuum, empty the bag regularly as the fine sand can block the filters and result in the sand being blown back into the carpet and damaging the vacuum.
Using A Vacuum Cleaner To Get Sand Out Of Your Carpet

Invest in indoor and outdoor mats by the entrances of your house and politely tell your visitors to wipe their shoes before walking in. The bacteria and sand from outside can be tracked in, which can all hide in your carpet.

How To Prevent Sand From Coming Into The House

After a beach day, you and the family should do the following to avoid a large amount of sand from coming into the house. Before coming in, you should also sort the beach clothes to avoid sand in your washing machine.

  • Baby powder is your best friend and should be a staple in your beach bag. Before coming inside, apply lots of baby powder on your feet. This will absorb the moisture on your feet that’s causing the sand to stick. After that, brush the remaining sand off.
  • Wash your feet at the beach. Most beaches have designated washing spots where you can wash the sand off your feet. You should do this before getting in the car. In case you forgot and just remembered when you’re already on your way home, don’t fret! You can always clean up at home before coming in by hosing down the sand from your feet.
  • Shake out your beach bag. I like to use a mesh bag because the sand and other dirt can be shaken out of it pretty easily. Take out your items, wipe them down with a rag, and give your bag a vigorous shake.
  • Dust your beach towels and other clothes you have. This is to avoid sand in the machine when you do your laundry. There are various ways to get sand out of your clothes with no effort!
  • Have a big doormat outside of your house. This will catch any stray sand on your feet or shoes before you go inside. Apart from a beach day, sand and dirt can still get tracked in the house, so encourage your family members and guests to ALWAYS wipe their shoes before coming in.

*Doormats are my favorite because you can just dust them off once they get full of sand.

  • A simple cornstarch-filled pouch that you can make at home can be used to remove sand from all over your body, even the parts with sunscreen or sweat.
  • Avoid the carpeted room if you are unsure if your feet are spotlessly clean. If the whole family walks on the carpet straight after a beach day or after playing in the garden, then it’s guaranteed that you’re going to have a lot of sand in the carpets!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get sand out of vehicle carpet?

A horse-hair brush is a coarse brush that will get out grains of sand in the carpet fibers of the car. You should take out all the mats and dust them outside. You can also use the brush to dust other parts of the car interior, with a dryer sheet afterward to pick up sand, hair, fur, and dust.

Alternatively, you should vacuum your car straight after a beach trip.

Why is there sand in the carpet?

Apart from the beach, you would find sand in your carpet due to dirty shoes or dirty pets running all over the carpet. Carpets are like a filter, which traps the particles that accumulate and then settle.

That’s why it’s important to clean every day and avoid wearing shoes on the carpet.

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