How To Get Spray Paint Out Of Carpet

How to Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet [5 Foolproof Methods]

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Whether you’re working on a home improvement project or doing arts and crafts, it’s not uncommon to get some spray paint on your carpet. That can leave you with a pretty unsightly mess to tackle!

The good news is that you can easily get the spray paint out of your carpets. All you need are a few household items such as paint thinner, dish detergent, and hydrogen peroxide.

Method #1: Paint Thinner

Paint thinner is often used to get paint off surfaces, and it works great for carpets, too!

For this method, you’ll need to find an old rag that you don’t care about. You can also use a sponge if you don’t have a rag on hand. 

Then, pour some paint thinner on the rag. Gently blot the stain with the rag to get the paint up. 

Make sure not to rub the carpet. It’s important that you focus on spot cleaning the carpet by blotting the stain, as rubbing can push the paint further into the carpet and spread the spray paint around. 

Now, I know that it takes longer to blot the carpet, but be patient! The stain will eventually lift out of the carpet and you won’t have to worry about it spreading around the floor and creating bigger problems. 

Method #2: Dish Detergent

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If the paint thinner method doesn’t work for you, you can also get the stain up with a bit of dish detergent.

For this method, grab about a quart of warm water. Then, add a teaspoon of dish detergent to the water and stir to mix the detergent into the water. 

Just like you did with the paint thinner, grab a sponge or a rag and soak it in the dish detergent mix. Then, gently blot the stain until you completely lift out the spray paint. 

Once you’ve got the paint stain out, you can gently blot the area with an old towel. This will dry the carpet and get the remaining paint out. 

Method #3: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also a great way to get the stain out of your carpet. For this method, you’ll need to find a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. 

With your solution in hand, pour it onto a rag or a sponge to soak it in the hydrogen peroxide. Then, blot the stain to get the spray paint out of the carpet.

Once you’re done, make sure to use an old towel to blot the area dry. Then, you’ll need to steam clean the carpet. 

Steam cleaning the carpet is an important step for getting the remaining hydrogen peroxide out of the fibers. This ensures that the harsh chemical doesn’t cause damage to your carpets. 

Method #4: Turpentine

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If you were using oil-based spray paint, you can use turpentine to get the paint out of your carpet. Just note that this method is best used for oil-based paints. 

For fresh spray paint stains, dampen a rag with turpentine and use it to blot the paint. Keep blotting until you’ve got all the turpentine out of the carpet. 

Turpentine is a strong chemical and the fumes can cause health issues. To make sure you get rid of the turpentine, clean your carpet thoroughly after you finish blotting the stain. And ventilate the room!

Method #5: Goo Gone

If you’re dealing with latex-based paint, Goo Gone is a great way to get the spray paint out of your carpet. For this method, you’ll need quite a bit of Goo Gone as you’re going to douse a rag or a sponge in the solution. 

After you’ve soaked your rag, it’s time to blot the carpet. Be gentle and have patience, I promise it will come out! 

Once again, Goo Gone requires thorough cleaning after you get the spray paint stain out. This is powerful stuff, so make sure to fully clean the carpet to get the Goo Gone up and prevent it from clumping and damaging your carpet.

If you want to go without harsh chemicals, you can always whip up some homemade Goo Gone. Won’t be nearly as efficient as the real thing, though!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spray Paints On A Paper

Does Spray Paint Come Out of Carpet?

With a little bit of elbow grease and a good steam cleaner, spray paint does come out of the carpet! You can use Goo Gone, turpentine, paint thinner, and other household items to lift the stain.

Can a Carpet Cleaner Get Spray Paint Out of Carpet?

A steam cleaner is a great way to get spray paint out of the carpet. Run it over the area after using one of the above methods to make sure you get the last of the paint out of the fibers. 

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