How To Get Sweet And Sour Sauce Out Of Carpet

How To Get Sweet And Sour Sauce Out Of Carpet (Easy Peasy!)

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Eating in your living room while having a movie marathon? Having chicken nuggets on the road?

Little accidents happen when you least expect them.

But whatever! The sweet and sour sauce is perhaps one of the most common spillages on your carpet and even car seats.

Blame your ole Ronald McDonald for most of these blunders!

So, more or less, you already know what to do. If not, you’ve come to the right place. 

Get to know how to clean sweet and sour sauce out of carpet in this article.

First Aid For Carpet Accidents (That taste sweet and sour!)

The first order of business is to act fast after spilling sweet and sour sauce onto your carpet. 

The main goal is not to let your mom know. (Oh wait, what if you’re the mom?🥴)

Preventing the stain from being embedded only comes as a close second.

Get a white cloth, paper towel, or any fabric that won’t stain the carpet.

Place it directly on top of the fresh stain and apply pressure to absorb the sauce. Do this continuously until the towel can no longer absorb any of the sauce.

From there, you can choose among any of the suggested solutions below on how to get sweet and sour sauce stain out of carpet.

How do you remove sweet and sour sauce stains? (Fresh and otherwise)

Person Trying To Get Sweet And Sour Sauce Stain Out Of Carpet

Fresh Stain

Fresh stains are the easiest way to address because they likely haven’t done enough damage yet to the fabric. Because of this, they don’t require invasive solutions yet.

Prepare a cleaning solution of one teaspoon dishwashing liquid to one cup of water. Wet a white cloth using this mixture.

Using this, blot the area from the outer part and work toward the center. Continue doing this until the stain blends with the solution.

Dab the spot with water to rinse. To dry, simply blot with dry why cloth continuously until you feel all the moisture is gone.

Old Stain

Probably one of your primary concerns is how to get old sweet and sour stains out of carpet.

One brighter aspect to discovering sweet and sour sauce spilling on your carpet too late is that the top tends to solidify. If this is the case, just scrape off the hardened part.

For the sauce that was able to penetrate the fibers, a few drops of detergent solution are necessary to loosen it. Carefully massage into the stain spot and let it sit for several minutes. 

Rinse with cool water to finish it off.

Drying Your Carpet After Stain Removal (Completing the perfect crime!)

Still trying to hide any traces before anybody notices?

Sponging the liquid after rinsing doesn’t totally remove the moisture away from the carpet. As we know, prolonged dampness promotes developing molds and mildew that cause a pungent smell.

To avoid this, you can sprinkle baking soda onto the damp spot of the carpet. You can leave this as is overnight.

Sponge And Baking Soda On Carpet

The baking soda helps absorb the extra moisture from the carpet. It also aids in the elimination of any remnants of the smell.

The next day, vacuum all the baking soda. Expect no feeling of dampness once you have finished this procedure.

Other Options

Rubbing That Alcohol!

Even rubbing alcohol can work wonders on stains. It works on markers too, so you can grab the opportunity to hit two birds in one stone if this is one of the many stains that your carpet currently has!

Get any clean tower or cloth, preferably white-colored. Dip the edge in rubbing alcohol.

Depending on how much sweet and sour sauce has spilled onto your carpet, you can soak the entire towel in the alcohol.

Apply pressure in blotting the soaked cloth into the spot. You may even stand on the towel to push it down further so that the rubbing alcohol can reach deep into the carpet’s fibers.

You may repeat this several times whenever it dries until you see no visible stains.

Lotion Works Too!

Who would have thought this was possible? But nope, you’re reading this correctly.

Another good alternative is the use of lotion. You will do exactly what you did with rubbing alcohol.

Soak the towel in the lotion and press this on the stain’s spot until you don’t see any blemishes anymore.

Depending on the lotion used, it may leave a bit of a greasy feel. You may rinse it off with water and blot it with a dry cloth or tissue paper until the excess water is gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Person Making Sweet And Sour Sauce

How do you get Chinese red sauce out of carpet?

Similar to removing sweet and sour sauce, you need to prepare a detergent solution. Only that, instead of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to one cup of water, you will need a milder version — just one tablespoon to two cups of, this time, warm water.

Soak a clean white cloth in the prepared solution, then dab it to the fresh stain, applying pressure to the spot. You may repeat this several times until the blemish disappears.

This time, it is easier to rinse since the solution is milder. But the method is the same.

How do you get sweet and sour sauce out of a car seat?

The same procedure as when removing Chinese red sauce from carpet applies. You need to dissolve one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent into two cups of warm water.

Soak a clean white cloth in the solution and blot the stain, applying constant pressure. Since car seats’ covers aren’t that sensitive, unlike some carpets, continuous pressure and repeating the procedure won’t likely ruin the fabric. 

Rinse by blotting using another clean white cloth soaked in cool and clean water. Sponge the liquid out until dry.

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