How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Automotive Carpet

How to Get Wrinkles Out of The Automotive Carpet in 6 Steps!

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Okay, you might just be overreacting, but whatever! A wrinkle on your car’s carpet sticks out like a sore thumb, and you want it sorted out STAT.

Seriously thinking about how to get wrinkles out of automotive carpet? No need for rocket science. We will smooth it out here in 6 basic steps! A little bonus though, we will be teaching more helpful tricks comes to any other rug!

Removing creases can be easier than you would have expected. All you need is a little creativity and resourcefulness, a steam iron, and a damp towel.

In this article, I will teach you the proper way of eliminating wrinkles from your car’s carpet without them necessarily transferring to your face. Like literally!

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Car Carpet?

Vinyl Car Carpet

Step 1 – Take It Out and Inspect

When you deal with a new car mat, it’s natural to have creases right out of the packaging. Take it out and lay it on the ground.

Inspect by smoothing the surface with your hand. Some wrinkles might go away on their own or after doing this, while some don’t. Realizing this, you know you have to extend a little patience. Wrinkles are naturally stressful! Inhale, then exhale.

Step 2 – Reverse Roll

You can also try rolling it in reverse to sort out the folds it got from being folded inside the packaging for too long.

Do this by turning the carpet upside down and rolling from one end up to the opposite side, creating a tube. Tightly hold it in this form for a moment to release the creases.

Release and check to see if you have achieved the desired result. Do this repeatedly when necessary.

Step 3 – Use Damp Towel

Get a damp towel and cover the carpet crease with it. Most of the time, this simple step solves the problem.

Otherwise, prepare to use the steam iron by setting it to maximum steam temperature. 

Step 4 – Steam Iron to the Rescue

Next is to press the iron against the towel. Let the heat draw out the dampness from the bottom. 

To make sure that you are doing the right thing, check underneath the towel from time to time.

Continue doing this until the wrinkles are gone.

If you don’t have a dedicated steam iron that you use for clothing, a regular steam cleaner will do!

Step 5 – Place Under the Sun

Automotive Carpet Under The Sun 1

If you live in an area with a temperature that exceeds 75°F, placing the carpets under direct sunlight would be a great help. The heat can naturally release the fibers’ tension.

To ensure that the carpet can already lay flat on the floor, you may want to repeat the reverse rolling in step 2.

Step 6 – Use Weight

If you still see some wrinkles, you can place some weights on top of them, such as thick books. This may flatten the fibers so much, but you can just comb them using a stiff brush.

Other Options

Leave It as It Is

Automotive Carpet

Remember how you wore your leather shoes the first time? Uncomfortable, right?

This is because some footwear, especially leather shoes, need some breaking in. Once they’ve already broken in, they tend to be the most comfortable shoes ever.

The same rationale applies to carpets. Wrinkles might be irritating to look at when using your automotive rug for the first time.

But through daily foot traffic, these creases can stretch naturally without you doing anything. It may take a while, though.

Let the Pro Take Over

If you can’t be bothered tinkering with things, leave them to the experts. However, be mindful that this option might not be the best cost-wise. Have your wallets ready!

To save on cost, try to avail two or more services at once like professional carpet cleaning and carpet stretching.

When considering this route, always think about whether the service and its benefit would be worth the price. I’m telling you, you have no idea how much money I’ve wasted because of my OCD.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Any Carpet?

When it comes to residential carpets, wrinkles affect both old and new ones alike. When finding a solution, we naturally lean towards using the most convenient method: using specific tools. Who doesn’t want an easy way out, right?

Two of the most common tools to use include the following:

Carpet Stretcher

You’ll commonly see a power stretcher in action when installing wall-to-wall carpets. This tool comes in handy with its gripping function using its prongs or spikes.

A Man Using A Carpet Stretcher

When applied with force by pressing the handlebar downward, the stretcher tensions the carpet, pulling it to the wall. The carpet’s edge is either fixed using a tack strip or just basically stretched but unanchored.

Knee Kicker

When dealing with smaller spaces, it is advisable to use a knee kicker. But it basically does the same thing with carpet stretchers.

Only that, instead of a handlebar, your knee needs to “kick“ the backside of the tool. Expect some bruises and perhaps, some joint pains. Ouch!

More so, it is also typically used when you need the edge of the carpet fixed via a tack strip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need a Carpet on Car Floors?

Carpets on car floors actually play a crucial role in comfort. And it’s not really about your feet and has nothing to do with cleanliness or aesthetics.

It’s actually a sort of noise cancellation or a sound dampener tool.

Since vehicles’ engines can be noisy, especially for older models, carpets have the ability to reduce the rattling and clanging of the motor. It is even estimated to reduce 40% of the car’s sound.

How cool is that?

What Causes a Carpet to Wrinkle?

Different factors can come into play when it comes to carpets developing creases. They may be environmental, material, or installation per se.

A few of these include inferior pads or the carpet itself, poor installation, humidity, moisture beneath the mat, among others.

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