How To Keep Carpet Stairs Clean

How to Keep Carpet Stairs Clean: 7 Efficient Ways

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Carpet stairs add comfort and style to any home. But this versatile flooring option is prone to wear and tear (especially if you have children and pets), making it a pain to keep clean and look fresh.

Fortunately, there are several efficient ways to clean your carpet stairs that are simple and cost-effective.

The best way to keep your stairs looking great is to clean them regularly.

There are several easy-to-implement carpet cleaning steps that will help you quickly and effectively deal with spills, stains, and other common problems.

Let’s take a look at seven effective ways to keep your carpeted stairs fresh-looking.

1. Clean Spills Immediately

One of the most efficient methods to keep your carpet stairs clean is immediately cleaning spills.

When it comes to cleaning spills, act fast! You’ll be surprised at how quickly spills and stains will dry, leaving a permanent mark. The sooner you deal with spills, the easier they will be to clean up.

One of the best ways to clean a spill is to use a cleaning product designed specifically for carpets.

To remove a stain, start blotting up as much liquid as possible using paper towels, rags, or a clean cloth. NEVER pour the cleaner directly onto your carpet. Instead, use an old brush to get in the nooks and crannies of the stain.

Consider using a professional carpet cleaning formula if you can’t get the stain completely out.

2. Regularly Vacuum Your Carpet Stairs

Dirty Carpet Stairs

You should vacuum your stairs regularly, at least once or twice a week. By doing this, you remove dust and dirt that can damage your carpet and leave residue on the surface of your stairs. However, be careful not to vacuum too hard, as this can damage the carpet.

While you’re up there vacuuming, you should also make sure that the area is free of hair and other foreign items. Most of the time, you can clean these items up easily.

In addition to vacuuming your carpeted stairs, you should also consider cleaning the area under your stairs. Most homes have a space there for things like shoes and seasonal items.

However, when the space gets filled with dirt and debris, it can collect on the carpeted stairs. If you don’t clean this area regularly, it can even end up on your carpeted stairs.

3. Clean Your Stairs Regularly with a Stiff Broom or Brush

You can also clean your carpeted stairs using a broom or stiff brush. These tools are great for removing the dust and dirt between the treads, especially after vacuuming.

However, you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of each stair. Bamboo brushes and brushes with stiff bristles and little pickup can be used to clean carpets thoroughly.

Do not brush the carpeted stairs too hard or scrub your carpet too aggressively when using a brush. This can damage your carpet and make dirt and dust stick to it.

4. A Shampoo Can Do the Job for a Minimal Stain

You can also use plain water and shampoo to remove a minimal stain on your carpet.

I recommend this if you have a small stain that’s not very concentrated. Apply a small amount of shampoo onto a clean cloth or sponge.

Next, clean up as much of the stain as possible with the cloth. Then, blot out the stain using paper towels or absorbent rags.

I must say, this is my least favorite method because it can take lots of time and effort (maybe I should’ve listed this last?) Meticulous cleaners might love this idea though!

5. Use a Steam Cleaner for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Person Keeping Carpet Stairs Clean Using A Steam Cleaner

The best way to clean your carpeted stairs is to use a steam cleaner. This tool will quickly and effectively clean the grime and dirt on your carpeted stairs.

Steam cleaning is an excellent way to remove stains, dirt, and debris without harming your carpeting. Plus, it removes 99.9 percent of harmful germs and bacteria from your stairway’s surfaces.

The steam cleaning process involves heating water (or another liquid) to create steam. The steam is released through a nozzle that you can maneuver over the flooring surface.

Steam cleaners are affordable and easy to use. They are lightweight, powerful, and take only minutes to clean deep-seated stains.

6. Add a Carpet Stairs Protector

This tip is not only practical but also affordable.

A carpet stair protector will protect your carpeted stairs from scuffs and scratches. It will also protect your carpets from spills, urine, feces, and other substances.

You put the stair protector between each tread and the carpeted step. It will prevent your carpet from staining.

A stair protector is also beneficial if you have children who get dirty shoes or have pets.

You can also use a stairs protector to prevent your carpeted steps from becoming slippery during wet weather, like after a snowstorm or rain.

7. Call a Pro

If the above tips don’t work, you may want to call in a professional.

A professional carpet cleaning company can quickly and effectively remove stains, dirt, and debris from your carpeted stairs. The technicians will clean grime off the surface of each stair with specially formulated cleaning solutions.

You will get professional results when you hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Although, these results come at a cost. 

However, if you want the job done right, it is well worth hiring a professional. You can call a carpet cleaning company and schedule an appointment for your home.

Final Thoughts on How to Keep Carpet Stairs Clean

Letters Spelled Cleaning On Carpet

Well, there you have it. Now, you know some of the best ways to keep your carpeted stairways clean.

You can choose from a wide range of cleaning alternatives. The method you use will depend on your situation, budget, and needs. Additionally, you can combine several cleaning methods for the best results.

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