Steamfast Sf 275 Vs Sf 370 - an article

Steamfast SF-275 vs SF-370 – Torn Between The Two?

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Steam cleaning is the new in-thing, and there’s a lot to choose from. These products come from the same brand, but they are different models. So how do you choose the right one for you?!

There are some crucial differences between the two. Let’s see who reigns supreme – Steamfast SF-275 or SF-370?

Fancy accessories and high temperatures are not everything when it comes to a good steam cleaner!

Steamfast SF-275 vs SF-370 Comparison Table

First things first, let’s look at a side-by-side comparison of Steamfast SF-275 vs Steamfast SF-370. 

Weight14.8 pounds8.42 pounds
Dimensions20 x 13 x 12.6 inches15.4 x 9.5 x 12 inches
Heating systemBoiler, heated to over 200FBoiler, heated to over 200F
Water tank capacity48oz.45oz.
The time it takes to heat up8 minutes8 minutes
How long can it be used?45 minutes45 minutes
Steam rate33 to 37 g/m26 g/m
Cord length12ft15.4ft
Length of steam hose6.5 ft5.33ft
Does it need chemicals?NoNo
Variety of surfacesYesYes
Warranty1 year limited2 years

Steamfast SF-275 vs SF-370 – The Similarities

Steamfast SF-275
Steamfast SF-370

Life is always bustling, so in my opinion, fast and effective cleaning is a must in every home. With these two models, it’s hard to decide which one is the best fit for you and your home. Before looking at their differences, let’s look at their similarities.

Friendly On Most Surfaces (with a variety of attachments)

We love any steam cleaner that comes with all kinds of attachments. Most of them are left unused, but it’s an unexplained comfort having them!

The variety of accessories allows you to clean the different types of surfaces, such as appliances, grills, your car, grout, granite, and sealed wood flooring. While the SF-370 has only 15 accessories and the SF-275 has 17, both still serve as multifunctional cleaners.

Bye-Bye Bleach!

Being an ex-cleaner, the smell of the different chemicals and mixtures used to make me feel faint and breathless (not in a romantic way). The smell sticks around even long after, which causes constant sneezing.

But these steam cleaners deep clean with just water, no chemicals and harmful fumes needed! Both these machines sanitize and clean without the need for harsh cleaning agents. The steam alone gets rid of germs, dirt, grease, and mold without constant scrubbing.

I never really realized how much I’ve been spending on cleaners until I actually stopped buying them. Apart from breathing nice fresh air, you also save a lot of money.

What Are The Differences Between These Models?

Now that we know what they share let’s discuss their differences. It’s in this section that you’d decide which steam cleaner is best for you!

The Capacity Of The Water Tank

There is only a 3oz difference between the two, but that makes a world of difference.

Steamfast SF-275 can give you almost an hour of continuous cleaning. You can clean the whole house by only filling the cleaner once.

I love this feature because it’s kind of annoying to keep filling after every two rooms or so!

The Steam Rate

The SF-275 has a steam rate of 33 to 37 g/m, which is considered very high compared to the SF-370, which has only 26 g/m. Higher steam rates mean deeper penetration which better targets dirt and residue.

SF-275 wins this round! I love a high-powered steam cleaner.

The Length Of The Power Cord

SF-275 has a 12ft power cord, and SF-370 has a 15ft one. With this one, you have much more room to move around, which increases your mobility and doesn’t need you to constantly plug and unplug each time you clean a room.

SF-370 takes the crown here!

The Weight

I wouldn’t say I like to carry something big and bulky around while cleaning. A good cleaning does not mean you should throw your back out!

The SF-370 is quite light, with only 8.42 pounds on your hands compared to the 14.8 pounds of the SF-275. Carrying or rolling around the 370 model is very convenient, and definitely wins this round.


Steamfast SF-370 comes with 15 different attachments that are suited for different parts of the house. The mop pad included is also washable, so that’s pretty cool.

SF-275 comes with 17 different accessories, including a brass brush for cleaning the grill after a BBQ, a long brush for hard-to-reach places, and a funnel for easy filling.

We love the extra accessories, but be honest, are you going to use all of them? Keep them safe just in case, though!

In My Opinion, I Would Choose…

Before I tell you my choice, I’d like to add that these two steam cleaners made it very hard to choose. Both of them offer attractive characteristics, but I went with the Steamfast SF-275.

SF-275 has a larger water tank with a better steam rate, which is a game-changer for me. It combines the power of a bigger steam cleaner with the convenience of a handheld one.

It also has a steam lock switch which allows for continuous steam!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a steam cleaner on toys?

You can use the shorter handle of your steam cleaner to clean stuffed animals and other plastic toys. This eliminates the need for chemical wipes and harmful fumes affecting your child.

Use one of the brush attachments and glide across the toy. Don’t hold it over one part of the toy for too long!

Should I buy a steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is a great addition to your cleaning routine. It can tackle almost any surface, from windows and floors, you can cut down cleaning time significantly.

They also use just water to clean your home, so there is no need for cleaning solutions or strong detergents. No more breathing problems!

Is the Steamfast SF-275 better than a mop?

If you’re thinking of replacing the traditional mop, you definitely should!

Steam cleaners such as SF-275 are better equipped at lifting tough grime compared to normal mops. The water vapor can loosen the grime and tackle tough stains without hard scrubbing and chemicals.

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