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Can I Use a Steam Mop Amtico Flooring [+ What to Use Instead]

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Isn’t it great to have a fancy Amtico flooring made of, say, hardwood or marble?

But with an upfront cost that’s worth a fortune and maintenance enough to exhaust all your savings, what alternative do you have?

Good thing, Amtico vinyl tiles have the appearance and appeal of marbles, tiles, and wood floors at a fraction of the price.

But will it be cheap and uncomplicated in terms of cleaning and upkeep? Like, can you use a steam mop on Amtico flooring?

The answer is NO. Or more precisely: yes to uncomplicated cleaning, and no to steam mops.

Amtico specifically states in its Wear and Care leaflet that steam cleaning is a no-no. To be honest, I’m a bit of a daredevil who likes to experiment with steam, and it hasn’t hurt my vinyl floors just yet. But I did it very carefully, with low heat and pressure. And I certainly wouldn’t want to experiment with YOUR floors!

How can you take care of your Amtico flooring then? Read on and be warned!

How Do I Make My Amtico Floor Shine?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are the keys to long-lasting vinyl flooring. Yes, the boring stuff!

Since they are alternatives to the floors you wanted but couldn’t afford, the least you can do is to make it shiny and spotless, like the real deal.

What does it take? Check these out!

Sweep and Mop the Dust Away!

Yes, you can’t omit Amtico in the conversation about luxury vinyl tiles. It’s up there!

Despite that, Amtico doesn’t really require very meticulous care and maintenance. Like seriously, if there’s not much foot traffic, even a simple sweeping and mopping would do.

It’s Time to Shine!

You don’t miraculously achieve sparkly floors by just mere sweeping and mopping. Unless, of course, your vinyl tiles are newly-installed.

To achieve the optimum shine, you will need to use Amtico Floorcare Maintainer whenever you mop your vinyl floor. Remove eyesore floor marks effectively too!

Deep Clean to Freshness

Here’s one for us lazybones!

Perhaps the most you will be required to do is a once-a-year deep cleaning to remove embedded dirt. This gives your floor a fresh look enough to last for another year.

However, I’m afraid I cannot suggest any other brand. You will have to use Amtico Floorcare Stripper and Amtico Floorcare Dressing because those are what the company recommends. So far, I have no complaints. They do the job so well!

You will have to first apply the Amtico Floorcare Stripper. Think of it as a pre-treatment to lift the stubborn dirt that has firmly settled on your vinyl floor.

Apply the product and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly afterward.

I do it several times actually to ensure that no remnants of the chemicals are left. But twice would be just fine.

Make sure that the floor has completely dried before applying the Amtico Floorcare Dressing. This gives it the freshness of newly installed vinyl tiles.

Applying A Floor Cleaning Solution

Why Does My Amtico Floor Look Dirty?

While Amtico is a high-quality vinyl tiles brand, it’s not exempt from deterioration, especially looking dirty over time. Discoloration can be one of its worst enemies.

The usual suspects? Find out below:


The thing with vinyl floorings like Amtico is that they are water-resistant but definitely not waterproof. There’s a huge difference.

This is why if you are residing in a warm and humid location, your floor will be prone to floor sweat due to condensation.

Naturally, this becomes problematic for certain types of floors like vinyl tiles. They become discolored or stained when continuously exposed to moisture, whether from the ground or the top.

Food and Liquid

Spillages on the floor are definitely commonplace if you are clumsy. Dark-colored food and drinks, particularly fruit-based, that get spilled onto your vinyl tile floor would surely leave their marks if you don’t clean them right away.

Adhesive Stains

Seeing some floor stains but couldn’t pinpoint the source? Chances are, they are from the adhesives used in setting your tiles.

You may not realize it, but the adhesives underneath the vinyl tiles can eventually come through the surface, especially when constantly in contact with moisture. This causes staining which can be an eyesore when your tile is light-colored.

Crayons and Markers

Floor stains that make you just scratch your head but can’t really get mad? Parents of toddlers, where are you at? Enough said!

Floor Scratched By Chair Legs

How to Protect Your Amtico Flooring?

Use of Protective Pads

Imagine the horror of having your freshly manicured fingernails being scratched and chipped. Aww!

That’s probably the closest feeling to your newly installed Amtico vinyl floor (or vinyl planks such as NuCore) getting scratched.

One of the worst enemies of vinyl tiles is scratches from furniture. Starting from the most notorious of all, the legs of chairs and tables.

As you use and move them constantly, little by little each day, they create dents and scratches on the floor.

To prevent this from happening, you can use protective felt pads. Expect these to be included when you purchase Amtico Starter Kit.

Extension of Contact Area

Depending on the weight of the furniture or the people who constantly use them, these felt pads may not be enough to absorb the impact.

To address this concern, a simple adding of contact area might be necessary so as to spread the weight away from the center of, say, legs of chairs or tables.

Use of Entrance Mats

Think of an entrance mat as the first line of defense against dirt, gunk, and grime before they even reach your vinyl floor. It’s certainly easier to dust off the mat than sweep your floors every day!

Hardwood Floor Manteinance

Frequently Asked Questions

What Floors Can You Use a Steam Mop On?

As there is liquid in the form of mist, steam mops naturally aren’t meant for all types of floors. These typically work at high pressure, forcing the vapor into the gaps and joints.

This makes it very disadvantageous for floors made from solid wood, vinyl, laminate, and engineered, where too much moisture might make them swell. The actual damage depends on the type of floor.

Some might have discoloration, while others might have warping and cupping. Worse, others may even crack.

Not convinced? Try searching for other popular vinyl tile cleaning methods like “Karndean steam cleaner” and see if you can find one. Steam cleaners and vinyl tiles sound like a wild combo. A mortal sin, even!

The only floors you can use it on are porcelain and tile.

If you want to know where else you can put your steam mop into good use, check out our take on whether steam mops really work or not.

Can I Use Normal Floor Cleaner on Amtico?

It Amtico recommends using only their own maintenance products. The use of other products may lead to no-so-good results and may even leave harmful chemicals. However, vinyl is vinyl, and most vinyl floor cleaners should do the trick if you use them carefully.

If, for some reason, you have neglected your Amtico over the years and it has become more worn than it should have, don’t fret! You can restore your vinyl flooring to its glory days using special PU sealers.

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