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Vapamore vs Dupray – Primo or Neat (Your Comparison Guide)

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Welcome to my in-depth comparison guide to two of the most popular little steamers – the Vapamore MR-100 Primo and Dupray Neat!

While either will get the job done and then some, which one will do precisely what YOU want it to do? That’s what we’re here to find out.

As a cleaning pro, I’ve had a chance to test Neat, and did hours after hours of digging and combing to compare it with Vapamore so you don’t have to.

My impression is that both are excellent choices. But Neat is a notch better as it matches Primo in most things (even outperforms in some), while being more affordable!

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Comparison Table: Dupray Neat vs Vapamore MR-100 Primo

SpecsDupray NeatVapamore MR-100 Primo
Temperatureup to 275°F or 135°Cup to 220°F/ 104°C
Pressure/rate50 psi/ 3.5 bar50 psi/ 3.5 bar
Heating time7 minutes11 minutes
Operating time50 minutes max60 minutes max
Cooling time20 minutes15 minutes
Water tank size54oz. (1.6l)54oz. (1.6l)
Power cord length16’ (5m)18’ (5.5m)
Hose length6’6” (2m)6’ (1.8m)
Extension tubes length3’ (0.9m)4’ (1.2m)
Warranty period2-year limited; lifetime warranty on boilerLifetime warranty
Buildplastic and aluminumpowder-coated grade steel and
stainless steel
Weight9lbs (4kg)10.5lbs (4.7kg)
Dimensions10.5″ ×10.5” × 9.5”13” × 15”× 14”
# of accessories1720
Main Use– tiles and floors
– carpets
– upholstery
– car dashboards & upholstery
– toilets and sinks
– beds and mattresses
– kitchen appliances
– tiles and floors
– carpets
– upholstery
– car dashboards & upholstery
– toilets and sinks
– beds and mattresses
– kitchen appliances

How is Dupray Similar to Vapamore?

The similarities between these two go beyond the fact that both are small and cute. For instance, they both have the same heating element and need the same amount of power supply, thus amperage.

Most importantly, they produce the same amount of pressure, a key component of deep cleaning.

Dupray Neat vs Vapamore MR-100 Primo: What to Consider

Dupray Vs Vapamore

To guide you through the process, we will analyze the Dupray Neat and Vapamore MR-100 Primo based on these key factors: 

1. Stain Removal and Pest/Germ Elimination

The Dupray Neat takes the lead here thanks to the 275°F steam it emits compared to Vapamore’s credible 220°F. High temperatures kill pests, germs, and fungi and remove stubborn stains like grease.

If removing stubborn stains and killing pests or germs faster matters most to you, Dupray Neat is the real deal. But that does not mean Primo will not get the job done–just that Dupray Neat will do it faster, saving you time.

However, you’ll also want to consider the heating, operating, and cooling time since they are closely related to cleaning efficiency.

A shorter heating and cooling time, coupled with a longer operating time, hasten the cleaning process. That’s to say, whereas Dupray Neat heats 4 minutes faster, Vapamore can run 10 minutes longer and cools 5 minutes more quickly.

In my book, these 10 minutes are just about enough to NOT make me refill. But if your place is really big, you’ll have to top it up anyway with either of these small steamers.

2. Portability and Storage

Dupray Neat is only half a pound lighter than Vapamore. It’s not a dramatic difference in weight, but it does matter when you have to carry the water-filled unit up and down and across 2.500 square feet!

And the weight difference does make sense when you see that Neat is all plastic, whereas Vapamore has stainless steel surfaces.

Also, Primo’s bigger body means it requires more storage space than Dupray Neat. What’s really neat about Neat is that it’s basically a small square that you can shove into the shoe rack!

3. Reachability and Durability

What it lacks in portability, the Vapamore MR-100 makes up for in durability and productivity. It has a longer power cord, hose, and extension tube. That means longer reach, so you won’t carry it around as often as you would the Dupray.

The powder-coated grade steel makes Vapamore MR-100 more durable than Dupray Neat’s plastic body. Grade steel has a higher tensile strength than plastic.

And it shows, when you take a look at Neat’s retractable handle, which does feel like it wouldn’t need a whole lot of force to break.

Also, it is easier to clean the Vapamore than the Dupray because it’s easier to clean and sanitize steel than plastic. And yes, steam cleaners need cleaning after 20 hours of use, which is about 21-23 steam cleaning sessions for both.

4. Versatility

Vapamore Primo Accessories

A Vapamore MR-100 has 20 tools and accessories in its kit, while the Dupray has ‘only’ 17. The extra tools and accessories make the Vapamore more versatile than the Dupray Neat steam cleaner.

Having a comprehensive range of different tools means that one can clean more areas and reach inaccessible surfaces. In reality, though, you’ll hardly ever use all of them. I tend to use only 4 accessories on my steamer!

In addition, the Vapamore MR-100 uses a solenoid-operated steam controller. The controller makes it possible to adjust the steam output and temperature from the handle, which is super handy!

What I also appreciate about Vapamore is that you can just tuck the attachments into its body when done cleaning. No need to buy a bag or anything!

5. Warranty

A good warranty is like a good insurance policy; you can’t help but consider it. Especially when you spend a hefty amount on an appliance! Your steam cleaner might stop working suddenly, forcing you to conduct repairs or replace the unit.

Here is where Vapamore MR-100 Primo takes the crown as it comes with a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, Dupray Neat only has a two-year warranty, but at least the boiler has a lifetime warranty.

Vapamore vs Dupray – Quick Checklist

To sum up the points where each of them beats the other, it’s probably best to print out this little checklist:

Dupray NeatVapamore Primo
Higher temperature21
Higher pressure22
Longer operating time12
Faster heating rate21
Shorter cooling rate12
More compact21
More attachments12
Bigger reach12
Lifetime warranty12
More affordable21

Bottom Line

Both steamers are clearly a class above the rest. Whether you settle on the Dupray Neat or a Vapamore MR-100 Primo will depend not on their quality but your needs and priorities.

If you value versatility, durability, and the peace of mind that a warranty carries, settle for the Vapamore MR-100. For those who prefer strong killing and stain removal power, they can’t go wrong with the Dupray Neat.

Also, , if you have a bigger home or office and hate lugging a steamer around, you will be better off with a Vapamore MR-100. But if your living space has limited storage, Dupray Neat is the way to go.

If you’re leaning towards the Dupray Neat, take a look at this more detailed review!


Are steam cleaners good for cleaning?

When used correctly, steam cleaners are excellent for cleaning most surfaces in any home (or car). They naturally and effectively remove stubborn stains, kill 99.9% of nearly all germs and pests you can imagine, and eliminate odors.

What is the strongest steam cleaner?

Heat is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about steam. But the hottest steam isn’t automatically the strongest! For that, you need to factor in pressure as well. That’s what determines the force of steam blasts. So the strongest steamer is the one that pairs the highest temperature with the highest pressure.

What should you not steam clean?

You should not steam clean water-based walls because the steam will wear off the paint. Further, avoid steam-cleaning porous surfaces as they will retain the moisture and damage them. Lastly, most manufacturers claim otherwise, but you shouldn’t steam wood floors either, sealed or unsealed. Wood just doesn’t like moisture!

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