How To Clean A Campers Carpet (1)

How to Clean a Campers Carpet: 5 Tested & Proven Tips and Tricks

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Sick and tired of your dirty camper carpet? Don’t worry – every outdoorsy soul knows exactly what you’re going through.

Thankfully, the soily and grimey carpet with splotches of grease and dried up beer is not beyond repair.

If you follow these steps, your home away from home will have a clean, sanitary RV carpet ready for you to enjoy. (Alas, it will also act like a magnet for your kids and pets to make a mess again. But I can’t help with that!)

The most important cleaning tip for your camper’s carpet is to make a habit of cleaning it regularly. You’ll have a rug that’s free of debris, disinfected, and fresh smelling

But what if you haven’t done it for a while? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to clean a camper’s carpet, no matter the amount of dirt!

1. Go the DIY Route

Whip up a DIY solution made of white vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and lukewarm water. 

Treat the individual stains with this solvent. Note, however, that it won’t help with tough stains such as wine or coffee. For those, you’re gonna need a bit of oxygen bleach too. 

Then, scrub the carpet with a stiff-bristle brush. To avoid damaging your RV’s wooden flooring, it’s best to take the carpet outside. Give it a good beating, then shower, and let it air dry.

2. Clean Your Carpet AND Upholstery Without Water

RV carpets aren’t the easiest thing to get out (and back in). Not to mention upholstery!

So if you want a water-free method, all you need is a bottle of Folex Spot Remover. It’s a magical substance that gets in and out, and deals with the dirt without any rinsing!

Just spray it onto the surface and rub it in using your fingers, as in the video below. (To give credit where credit is due, that’s where I first heard of Folex!)

3. Get an RV Vacuum Cleaner

So, you may be tempted to use your home vacuum cleaner here, because why not?

But I recommend you purchase a handheld model specifically designed for use in an RV like the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser. Don’t be deceived by the name, though. This cleaner is ideal for all RV owners, whether they have pets or not. 

But if you do have pets, this model is designed to remove embedded pet hair from the carpet. 

It also comes with multiple attachments that can help you reach those hard-to-reach crevices around the RV’s dashboard, curtains, blinds, and other hard-to-access areas. 

Plus, loading and unloading your home vacuum cleaner every time you move could be a real hassle.

Pro Tip: If you don’t feel like buying MORE tools to maintain your RV, but have really nasty stains to deal with, you can rent out a spot cleaning machine called Rug Doctor. It costs around $30 per day (plus solution) and has all different kinds of attachments that can get around those cramped areas.

4. Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaning Carpet

Unless you virtually live in your RV, you won’t need deep cleaning for your carpeting very often. But when you do, steam is the way to go.

And there are small units such as any of the most popular Dupray steamers that aren’t tricky to maneuver.

Steam cleaners have a tremendous ability to kill bacteria and germs from the carpet. With this, you do not have to be afraid of getting it dirty on your next trip.

However, steam will make your carpets and fabrics a bit moist. So it’s best to do it on very hot and dry days, open up all windows and doors, and max out any HVAC in your vehicle.

5. Clean Your Camper’s Carpet Regularly

As I mentioned earlier, the tip of all the tips is NOT to wait until your carpet becomes scuzzy with all kinds of filth and goo.

If you maintain it well and regularly, a simple little broom and dustpan will do 99% of the job!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dry wet carpet in an RV?

With mildly wet carpeting or upholstery, turning on the ventilation systems (and ALL of them) is the first thing you want to do. Open up all windows and doors to help speed up the process. If the carpet’s drenched with water, get a shop vac if possible. But if you don’t have one at hand, you’ll have to make do with a bunch of towels and rags. 

The point is to get rid of the moisture as quick as possible, or else it could damage the wooden parts!

How do you get mold out of RV carpet?

Generally, steam cleaning is the best method to get rid of mold. But it will only work if you can take your carpeting outside or provide a good airflow. If that’s not the case, whip up a solution of baking soda and vinegar, and treat the moldy spots with it.

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