How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpet

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet (Long Or Short) – 9 Great DIY Hacks

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Your dog has lovely hair that you love, making it impossible not to hug them or give them head scratchies. But you have to be prepared for the pain of this hair getting all over the carpets!

I have some great DIY tricks to help get dog hair out of the carpet. These tips can be used on virtually any type of dog hair.

As well as any type of rug or carpet, Berber included.


How to Get Embedded Dog Hair Out of Carpet

Your first impulse is to grab the vacuum – or look for some kind of a carpet cleaning solution. But what if I told you this is unnecessary? Well, you don’t need any special detergent to get dog hair out of the carpet. Really, you don’t!

All you need is some ingredients and other items you probably have, like lint rollers or rubber gloves, and you should be good to go! These methods are also efficient if you have Berber carpets.

1. A Pair of Rubber Gloves

A Woman Puts On Rubber Gloves

I always like a chemical-free method of removing dog hair and keeping my carpets clean. Rubber gloves can give you this. Even a latex glove that you usually use when cleaning the house can also work for removing the stubbornest dog hair on the carpet.

When you rub the gloves against the carpet, it uses static electricity to make the hair stick to your hand. That’s pretty easy!

This is how you use a simple pair of rubber gloves to take out dog hair:

  • Put on your gloves as normal. See where the hair is situated, and start rubbing the carpet. Go slowly in an up-and-down motion to create the static energy that will help you remove that fur from the carpet.
  • I like to wet my gloves in water before rubbing the carpet. These damp gloves will lift the dog hair from the deepest depths of the carpet fibers to the top. However, when doing this, you must rub in one direction to collect a ball of hair.
  • Collect the fur. It may be so much that you can make another dog! Rinse your gloves like you are washing your hands, then soak the gloves in some hot water. The remaining hair will float away. You can repeat until you’re sure all the hair is out.

You can also use your flip flops. But they won’t be nearly as effective!

2. Get Your Kid’s Balloon

When I say that rubber works great as a hair pick-up tool, I mean it.

Your kiddo’s party balloons can play a part in cleaning dog hair (and glitter) off carpet. Just blow them up and rub them against the fibers.

Even better, the kid can play a part too. (If you manage to convince them that not all games have a storyline, that is.)

It’s good to really pillage the toy pile and get as many balloons as you can find. 

But what to do with them when they get all hairy? Just wash them in the sink, or dampen your hand and pick up the fur manually.

3. Dog Grooming Gloves

Not all grooming gloves were made equal.

Some models are two-sided. One side is designed to pick up loose hair from the pooch itself, and the other for deshedding your carpeting, furniture and other surfaces.

But even if you have just a regular deshedding glove, it should work well on the carpet. Typically, it will have rubber tips that will also charge with static electricity. But even if they don’t, they will give the carpet a nice rubbing to loosen up the most stubborn hairs.

4. Hair Brush (Yours, Not the Doggo’s)

Don’t throw out that old brush. You can use it to get your dog’s hair out of the carpet!

Make sure this brush is clean, so you don’t have to eye roll when dealing with your hair in the carpet too.

Brush your carpet in different directions, so you know you are getting deep into the carpet fibers. Make sure you brush the piling heap of hair to one point so you can pick it up. The hair would get stuck on your brush, so make sure to pull it out before brushing.

Those brushes with metal bristles would work amazingly too.

A Woman Looks On A Hair Brush

5. Baking Soda

Far from being a pet hair removal tool, baking soda is effective like one! This requires your vacuum cleaner too.

Spread some baking soda over your pet’s hair-infested area and let it sit for a while. Go plug in your vacuum by the time. Then vacuum the carpet like your life depends on it!

Not only does baking soda loosen dog hair from the fibers, but it also makes your carpet smell good.

6. A Lint Roller

Lint rollers are a must-have if you have pets, especially for that hidden cat hair that sneaks onto your carpet or clothes. (A lint roller is always an essential in my bag!)

It’s also perfect for getting long and short strands of hair out of the carpet. Roll in a back and forward direction and watch how all the dog hair sticks to the roller.

As soon as the roller’s all covered in fur, just pull it off and keep rolling!

7. Carpet Rakes

A Man Is Using Carpet Rakes

This is like a broom but a plastic version. It goes deep into your carpet, which pulls out the dog hair while you move front and back. It has a long handle, so it’s good for your bad back.

  1. First, make sure that the rake is clean and secure on its handle. Wiggle with the handle to see what suits you.
  2. Just like raking the lawn, rake your carpet gently. If you have a fluffy carpet, then use long strokes, if you have short fiber carpers like a Berber, then use short strokes.
  3. Clean one small spot at a time. Always make sure to remove the gathered dog hair.

8. Soften ‘em Up

The use of fabric softeners as, well, softeners for fabric doesn’t end there.

Pour half a cup of liquid fabric softener into a spray bottle, and fill it up to the top with water. Spray it onto the carpet and use ANY of the above methods to work it into the fibers.

So either rubber gloves or a rake, or an old hair brush, or a dog grooming glove.

Vacuuming will take care of the rest!

Just make sure to choose a colorless, dye-free softener. You don’t want to have to deal with a stained carpet!

9. Can Steam Cleaning Help with Dog Hair?

Yes! Steam cleaners have turned out to be great pet hair busters.

Vacuum cleaners may not create enough airflow and suction power to lift the pet hair from the carpet. So, it has to be brought to the surface by hot steam. This is also a good way to clean if someone is sensitive to pet dander.

I am an advocate for steam cleaning, as you know! With good reason too.

It’s a gentle but effective method of dealing with stubborn pet hair from the carpet, even if you left it for a while. Steam cleaners make the hair more noticeable by making them damp, which lifts them to the surface of your carpet.

Granted, a steamer won’t suck the hair in. But it will do the digging and picking out the hairs so your vac can do a marvelous job. Even if it’s not a special pet vac!

After doing any of the above methods, you can use your steam cleaner to make sure all pet hair is gone and for freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Dog Is Laying On A Carpet

What picks up dog hair from carpet?

Basically, anything that’s rubber, from gloves to brooms. Rubber brooms are best for shaggy carpets. Rubber products are pretty convenient, too; just rinse and reuse! Lint rollers or other adhesives are also pretty effective, but you must be careful not to cause your carpet to become sticky.

How to deal with dog hair in my car carpets?

Take out all the carpets and leave them outside. Go from one side and dust each one with a brush. You can also use a carpet beater.

Then, combine some fabric softener with water and spray it onto the carpet. Wipe your carpet with a clean paper towel to get out that stubborn pet hair. You can vacuum after or use your steam cleaner.

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