How To Get Hard Resin Out Of Carpet

How to Get Hard Resin Out of Carpet (+ How Steam Cleaning Can Help)

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This feels like a massive oopsie!

You may feel like your carpet just isn’t going to come back from this. You may think that maybe it’s a bit too far gone.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, I’ve done this myself, so I know exactly what you’re going through!

Now, a tough substance requires a harsh solution. You’re going to have to get comfortable with some pretty acidic solutions, and a lot of grit work. 

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Resin glue, such as epoxy, is an extremely tough substance. 

It’s a sticky sap that hardens up when it has air exposure. 

It’s brilliant for DIY projects and helps to bond a versatile range of materials. These include metals, plastics, fiberglass, and wood. 

And it’s equally as great at drying (and later curing) into your carpet. 

My point on this is: resin on your carpet may not be an easy fix, but it’s doable. Under the next few headings, I’ll be taking you through just how you can approach this difficult problem.

And answer the question of how to clean a resin stained carpet.

3 Methods to Get Dried Resin Out of Carpet

1. The Simplest: Scrape It Out

A Woman Is Cleaning Carpet

This should probably be your first solution. 

For this, you’ll need a putty knife or something akin to it.

Just be extremely careful not to push it further into the carpet. Ideally, you want to start doing this when the epoxy (or other resin) is dry but hasn’t cured yet.

Curing usually takes 24 hrs, so if it’s before then, you’ll be fine. 

It should come off in chunks, so just keep persisting. The procedure is similar to getting ganja resin out of carpet. But you need much more elbow grease!

Always let the resin dry first before trying anything. Do otherwise and you may just spread it deeper and further into the carpet. 

Pick up any leftover pieces with your hands, and if you have one, use a vacuum to get the rest of them. 

2. If That Fails: Try Some Dish Soap 

For this, you’ll need warm water and about a teaspoon of dish soap. 

Rub this into the affected area with a light brush or a cloth to break up the resin. Do as much as needed, and pick up any chunks with your hands.

Broom or vacuum up the rest.

3. A Little Less Simple: Rubbing Alcohol

A Man Is Vacuuming Carpet

For this, you’ll need a cloth and, of course, some rubbing alcohol. 

Dip some rubbing alcohol onto the cloth and press that part into the resin. 

Try to clean up the resin that comes off with the clean side of the cloth. Repeat as often as needed. Then, vacuum the rest of the pieces or sweep them with a broom.

There are other DIY remedies too, as in the video below from a guy who used CLR cleaner, OxiClean, and even a bit of WD-40! I haven’t tried this one so I can’t testify. But if you’re feeling adventurous (or desperate enough), give it a go!

Where Does Steam Cleaning Fit In?

So, I would try using the heat from a steam cleaner to break up the resin. 

But, it may not prove effective, depending on the type of glue used and how long it has had to dry.

That’s why I started by recommending elbow grease and acidic substances or alcohol.

But do try, and it should help, as it does with most things.

It may not be the best method for how to get dried epoxy out of carpet. But at least you’ll kill all those nasty bugs and bacteria living in your carpet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hard Resin

How do you remove hardened resin?

It can be quite hard to remove, depending on how long it’s been there. The longer it has been there, the tougher the acidic solution you’ll likely need. Start by trying to scrape it off with a putty knife. And then use white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to try and break down the resin.

What dissolves hard resin?

Rubbing alcohol does a great job at dissolving hard resin. It’s a bit harsh and you may not have it available at home, so try the other solutions (such as dish soap) first!

How do I get resin out of my carpet?

You could try a warm water and dish soap solution. Get a light brush and use it in the affected area. Continue for as long as needed. 

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