Wagner 915 Vs McCulloch MC1275 (Steam Cleaner Showdown!)

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In this steam cleaner showdown, we’re going to compare two popular contenders in the world of steam cleaning: the Wagner 915 and the McCulloch MC1275.

I recently rented a pre-owned store for my photography studio. Between the dusty old wallpaper and ages-old wooden flooring, the store needed deep cleaning.

The store was a hidden gem in a bustling part of town, and I was determined to restore its former glory. The space had the potential but it came with a collection of stubborn stains, layers of dust, and an undeniable musty odor that hung in the air.

I contemplated various cleaning options. Traditional mops and cleaning agents could do the job, but I was looking for something more efficient and eco-friendly.

A friend had suggested getting a steam cleaner because of its effectiveness in tackling tough cleaning tasks. As I quickly discovered, there was a variety of steam cleaners on the market, each with its own set of features, price points, and performance levels.

There were handheld steam cleaners for quick spot treatments, cylinder steam cleaners with larger water tanks for extended use, and multifunctional units that could handle a wide range of cleaning tasks. I also learned about the importance of factors like steam temperature, pressure, and the availability of attachments and accessories.

I realized that there was no one-size-fits-all solution. What I needed was a machine that could efficiently tackle the grime on the wooden floors, clean the aged wallpaper, and refresh the entire space without harsh chemicals.

The steam cleaner would also need to be user-friendly, durable, and suitable for the various surfaces in my studio. So I started narrowing down my choices.

The Wagner 915 and the McCulloch MC1275 were among the models that stood out during my research. They both offered continuous steam production, a variety of attachments, and chemical-free cleaning – all qualities that aligned with my requirements.

These machines offer their unique features and capabilities, making them popular choices among those looking for efficient cleaning solutions.

At first, I was torn between the Wagner 915 and the McCulloch MC1275 but I’ve already decided which one to go for. I’ll tell you later!

For now, read on. I have made a detailed comparison between the two cleaners. It will help you choose the one best suited to your needs.

Dry steam cleaner

Reports suggest that the steam cleaner market is growing at a CAGR of 6% globally. Steam cleaning is the best way to sterilize your home/garage/workshop or car.

Wagner Spraytech 915 Steam Cleaner

Wagner Spraytech 915 steam cleaner helps clean your house floor, mats, kitchen, bathroom, windows, countertops, appliances, and many more surfaces. It uses steam to remove old wallpapers without any chemicals.

  • Power and steam modes: The 120 volts Wagner steam cleaner lets you control steam with the power trigger. There are two lights, red and green, on top of the steam cleaner. The red light indicates that the steam is heating up, and the green light indicates that the steamer is ready to use. This steam cleaner has two modes of operation – one for continuous steam, and the other releases steam at regular intervals.
  • Chemical-free cleaning and sanitization: The steam cleaner uses distilled water to make steam for cleaning various surfaces without any chemicals. Natural chemical-free steam is safe to use at home with kids or pets around. Steam is efficient in killing bacterias and viruses, making the surface completely sanitized.
  • Effective cleaning without any residue: This steam cleaner uses steam to clean your house surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and other equipment without leaving any greasy residue behind. This steam cleaner’s effective cleaning formula thoroughly cleans every surface or appliance and helps remove old wallpapers easily by softening the adhesive.
  • Working of the steam cleaner: The steam cleaner can hold up to 40 fl. ounces of water and heats it in 9 minutes. You can use it for 40 minutes of deep steam cleaning on a full tank. The steam cleaner comes with a storage box so you can store frequently used accessories. It also has a carry handle and wheels for easy movement from one room to the other.
  • Attachments: The Wagner steam cleaner comes with an 8-feet long steam hose and 18 attachments and accessories to clean every surface or corner of your house. The attachment includes a wallpaper removal steam plate, large cleaning brush and floor mop pad, window squeegee, steamer, bonnet, jet nozzle, adapters, utility brushes, fill funnel with measuring cup, and extension poles.

Pros and Cons of Wagner Spraytech 915 Steam Cleaner


  • This steam cleaner has a power trigger that helps you control the amount of steam for cleaning. It lets you clean different surfaces of your house with two steam release modes- continuous steam and steam at regular intervals.
  • It uses distilled water to make steam and uses no chemicals. It gives you a chemical-free cleaning that is safe to use with kids and pets around.
  • The Wagner 915 steam cleaner does not leave any greasy residue behind while cleaning. It also sanitizes surfaces killing bacteria and other germs.
  • This cleaner has a 40 fl. ounces water tank and heats up in 9 minutes. You can use it for 40 minutes of continuous steam cleaning.
  • It comes with 18 attachments for cleaning different surfaces of your house with ease. The attachment includes a wallpaper removal steam plate.


  • The handle becomes hot when you use it for a long time.
  • The steam cleaner has a short power cord as compared to other steam cleaners available.
  • Sometimes the nozzle attachment comes out if you do not fit it properly.
  • You can only fill the tank with distilled water to avoid mineral deposits in the water tank.

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner is an easy way of cleaning rough dirt, grime, or grease from every surface of your house. It also effectively cleans your vehicles, different appliances, kitchen countertops, bathroom fixes, floors, sofas, and many more.

  • Powerful: This steam cleaner from McCulloch provides 1500W of power for steam cleaning different surfaces. It has a steam switch that controls the power of steam coming out from the cleaner. The steam switch has a lock option for continuous steaming without holding the switch for long. It has a Steam Ready light that illuminates when the cleaner is ready to use.
  • Cleans and sanitizes: The steam coming out of the jet power nozzle of this cleaner is used to clean different floor surfaces, kitchen cooktops, ovens, BBQ grills, outdoor furniture, tiles, grout, vehicles, engines, and other appliances. The hot steam spray kills bacteria, viruses, and other germs and gives a clean and sanitized surface.
  • Non-toxic cleaning: The steam cleaner uses ordinary water to make steam and clean and sanitize surfaces in and around your house without using chemicals. It does not have any harmful chemical or artificial scent giving a natural, non-toxic cleaning experience. This chemical-free cleaner does not leave behind any greasy residue.
  • Large water tank: This steam cleaner has a large capacity water tank to store up to 48 fl. ounces of tap water. It heats the water at around 212-degree Fahrenheit and makes it steam-ready in just 8 minutes. You get 45 minutes of continuous steam for deep cleaning surfaces with a full water tank.
  • Features and accessories: The MC1275 steam cleaner has a 15 feet long power cord and a 10 feet long steam hose for perfect reach to difficult places. It has a carry handle and caster wheels for convenient mobility from one place to the other. The cleaner comes with 18 attachments that include a nozzle, extended wand, mop head, multiple brushes, squeegee, funnel, measuring cup, and various pads. It also has a storage compartment for its attachments.

Pros and Cons of McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner


  • This 1500W steam cleaner provides enough power to clean hardened dirt, grime, and grease. It comes with a steam switch lock for continuous steam releasing, so you don’t have to hold the switch.
  • This non-toxic steam cleaner removes dirt and also disinfects the surface. It has a jet power nozzle for high-pressure steam cleaning.
  • The 18 attachments and accessories that come with this steam cleaner will help you with various clean surfaces effectively.
  • The MC1275 steam cleaner uses ordinary water and has a large water tank of 48 fl. ounces capacity. It heats up quickly and becomes steam-ready in 8 minutes. You can continuously use it for up to 45 minutes of steam release.
  • It has a 15 feet long power cord and a 10 feet long steam hose.


  • There is no storage space for the long power cord and steam hose. It makes the movement of steam cleaner a bit annoying.
  • The attachments do not include wallpaper removal steam plate.
  • You can not see the water level leading to overfilling of water.
  • The short nylon brush attachment can not resist heat for a long time and starts melting.

Comparison: Wagner 915 Vs McCulloch MC1275

So let’s get to the matchup we have all been waiting for: Wagner 915 vs MC 1275 head to head.

Water tank:

Wagner 915 steam cleaner has a 40 fl. ounces water tank capacity, whereas the MC1275 has a 48 fl. ounce water tank. Wagner 915 uses distilled water to avoid mineral deposits in the tank, and the MC1275 uses ordinary tap water.

MC1275 is the clear winner here.

Steam Cleaner Water Tank I Wagner 915 vs McCulloch MC1275

Preheat time and power:

Wagner 915 heats a full tank of water in 9 minutes, and you can use it continuously for 40 minutes. On the other hand, MC1275 heats up in 8 minutes and lasts up to 45 minutes of continuous use.

MC1275 wins this round.


The MC1275 has a 15-foot-long power cord and a 10-foot steam hose, making it easy to reach difficult places. Wagner 915 has an 8-foot-long steam hose and a short power cord compared to the MC1275.

MC1275 wins again.


Wagner 915 steam cleaner comes with a one-year limited warranty, while a two-year warranty backs the MC1275.

MC1275 seems to have the upper hand.


The Wagner 915 is both bigger and heavier than the MC 1275. If you don’t have too much space to store your steam cleaner, opt for MC 1275.

MC 1275 wins again.

Wallpaper removal:

Wagner 915 comes with a wallpaper-removal steam plate attachment. Whereas the McCulloch MC1275 does not have such attachment.

Wagner 915 pulls one back.

Variable Steam:

Wagner 915 has a pressure trigger system to control steam power, whereas MC 1275 does not have any mechanism to control steam power.

Wagner 915 comes back in the race.


The Wagner 915 is cheaper than MC 1275 (though the price differences are not very big)

Wrap Up

The Wagner 915 and MC 1275 are very near to each other in almost every field of comparison. However, the MC 1275 does seem to have an edge on most parameters.

One huge complaint that people have with the Wagner 915 is that the cord length is far too short. If you have multiple rooms to clean and don’t want to keep plugging and unplugging the cleaner, MC1275 is much better.

In my case, my shop was small, and my major problem was wallpaper removal. I opted for the Wagner 915, which has a separate wallpaper removal attachment and is slightly cheaper than the MC 1275.

Overall, both machines are fantastic. You can opt for either one. It depends on what kind of space you want to clean. If the space is small and you are tying to save, the Wagner 915 will do just fine, but if you are looking at a large place, then the MC 1275 should be your go-to choice.

I hope this guide was helpful in your decision-making. Choose what’s best for you and your space!

Frequently Asked Questions for Wagner 915 Vs McCulloch MC1275 (Steam Cleaner Showdown!)

1. What are the main differences between the Wagner 915 and the McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaners?

The Wagner 915 and the McCulloch MC1275 are both popular steam cleaners, but they differ in several key aspects. The Wagner 915 is known for its on-demand variable steam control and shorter warm-up time, making it ideal for quick tasks. In contrast, the McCulloch MC1275 offers a larger water tank capacity and a longer continuous steam time, making it a better choice for more extensive cleaning jobs.

2. Which steam cleaner offers a faster heating time, Wagner 915 or McCulloch MC1275?

The Wagner 915 excels in terms of heating speed. It typically has a shorter warm-up time, allowing you to start cleaning your surfaces sooner compared to the McCulloch MC1275.

3. Wagner 915 or McCulloch MC1275 – Is one of these steam cleaners more portable than the other?

When it comes to portability, the Wagner 915 is a bit lighter and more compact than the McCulloch MC1275. This makes the Wagner 915 easier to move around and store, which can be a significant advantage for users looking for a more mobile steam cleaner.

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