How To Get Metal Shavings Out Of Carpet

How To Get Metal Shavings Out Of Carpet | 4 easy steps

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Working on metal projects can be fun and rewarding. Whether you’re twisting and plying metal jewellery wire or working on sanding down a metal object, there are tons of fun things you can create. 

However, these types of projects almost always produce fine metal dust that gets into your carpets. If you don’t clean it up quickly, it can pose a health risk. 

You can easily clean up metal shavings using a magnet, a plastic bag, and your vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, steam clean your carpet to make sure there’s nothing left in your carpet’s fibres. 

Step 1: Sweep Up the Remaining Metal Shavings

Before you bust out the cleaning supplies, you’ll need to sweep the area. Yes, a lot of people do not realize but you actually can sweep carpet!

Sweeping up the worst of the metal shavings makes it easier for you to get rid of the shavings and makes it easier for you to get deep into the carpet. 

Carefully sweep up all the shavings in the room. Don’t worry about picking all of them up; the following steps will help you get up the last of the shavings. 

Pro Tip: Use a stiff bristled brush. Brushes with thin bristles can sometimes cause the shavings to get lodged in them. This can cause you a whole new problem or worse, mean you have to throw away your broom.

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Step 2: The Magical Magnet Method

Even though metal shavings can be dangerous if you don’t clean them up, they’re pretty to easy to get out of the carpet.

That’s because they’re magnetic!

To get rid of those last pesky particles, find either a powerful magnet or a stack of disc magnets. If you don’t know where to find these, you can pick them up in your local hardware store. 

You’re also going to need a plastic bag. Turn the bag inside out and hold the magnets in your hand inside the bag. 

Now, begin going over the area on the carpet where you have metal shavings. You should notice the shavings fly off the carpet and onto the magnet. 

After you’ve got up all the shavings, turn the bag inside out and pull off the magnets. Then, toss the shavings and the plastic bag into the trash can. 

Pro Tip: do you have a decent size fridge magnet? It might be useful for picking up shavings. 

Step 3: Vacuum

Once you’ve gone over the floor with the magnet it’s time to vacuum. This helps pick up any remaining particles that may be wedged deeply into your floor’s fibres. 

You can use your vacuum’s brush tool to help rough up the carpet to get trapped particles out. However, using a simple suction tool should also do the trick. 

After you’ve vacuumed the area, you might notice that you’ve pulled shavings out of the carpeting.

If that’s the case, feel free to repeat the entire process and go back over the carpet with the magnet to lift out any last metal shavings. 

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Step 4: Steam Clean the Carpet

Although step four isn’t required, it’s still a good idea when dealing with hazardous materials such as metal and glass. For this step, you’ll grab your steam cleaner and go over the floor. 

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when steam cleaning your carpet. These machines are finicky, so you need to be sure to adhere to directions so as not to damage the cleaner. 

After you finish steam cleaning the entire carpet, make sure to leave enough time for it to dry. It usually takes between eight and 12 hours for your carpet to completely dry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Magnet Pick Up Metal Shavings?

As long as the magnet is powerful, it will pick up metal shavings. You have to be careful with this though as there are certain types of metals that aren’t magnetic. In those cases, you may need to do your best with a vacuum cleaner. 

How Do You Pick Up Aluminum Shavings?

You can use the above method to pick up any type of metal shavings. Since aluminium is a magnetic material, it’s extra easy to use this method to get metal shavings off your carpeting.

How Do You Get Metal Shavings Out of Carpet?

You can get metal shavings out of carpets by vacuuming as well as using a magnet to pull the worst of the shavings out. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to repeat the process a few different times in order to get all the shavings out of your floor. 

Can You Pick Up Metal Shavings on Hardwood With a Magnet?

Magnets don’t just work well on carpets. You can also use them to get aluminium and other metal shavings off your floor even if it’s made of hardwood or linoleum. 

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