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Steamfast SF-370 vs McCulloch MC-1275 – Which Steamer Does a Better Job?

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How hot is hot enough?

That’s usually the main question people have when buying steam cleaners. But there’s more to steam than just hotness.

In the Steamfast Sf-370 vs McCulloch Mc-1275 clash, the situation is no different. Worries aside, though: both are hot enough to do their bidding. As for other aspects, we’ll have to dig a little deeper.

So here’s my in-depth comparison of these two machines to make deciding a little easier.

TL;DR: Let’s compare the two!

steamfast sf-370 vs mcculloch mc-1275

The most exciting part first: a side-by-side comparison of the Steamfast Sf-370 and McCulloch Mc-1275 steam cleaners. 

(I have also compared other McCulloch steam cleaners, which was a tough one!)

SpecsMcCulloch Mc-1275Steamfast Sf-370
Steam temp 212ºF200ºF
Steam pressure/rate43 PSI40 PSI
The time it takes to heat up8 minutes8 minutes
Operating time45 minutes45 minutes
Water tank size48 oz48 oz
Power cord length15.7 ft.15.4 ft
Hose length9.8 ft.6.5 ft w/ handle
Warranty period2 years2 years
Dimensions13.5 x 10.5 x 17.2 inches15.4 x 9.5 x 12 inches
Accessories18 attachments15 attachments
Main usesCarpets, upholstery, hard floors, tiles, granite, grout, hard-to-clean debris. Also suited to clean carsBest suited for hard floors, grout, windows
Comparison Table

Both cleaners have very similar specs, but the McCulloch Mc-1275 overpowers Steamfast Sf-370 with more attachments, heating temperature and main uses.

McCulloch Mc-1275: Overview

mcculloch mc-1275 overview

What do you expect from an appliance that’s advertised as heavy-duty?

I expect simple things: that it won’t overheat to the point of explosion if I use it for an hour. Or that the handle, accessories and hose don’t break the first time I step on them. (And I do that a lot.)

Well, McCulloch Mc-1275 is one of those cleaners that do deserve the ‘heavy duty’ label. It will take some serious beating and live to tell the tale.

However, nobody uses a steam cleaner every day, so this is not a deal maker. But there’s more!

Another pro is that you can use your regular tap water. Even though I prefer to always have distilled water to avoid mineral buildup, it’s nice that the cleaner leaves me an option for when I run out (and don’t feel like going to the store).

Now, I know you want to know how hot it is.

It heats water to 212ºF, and that’s more than hot enough to kill away all the crawlies.

But heat’s not all there is to a steam cleaner. It also needs enough pressure to help the steam shoot out far and strong enough. 

While 43 PSI is far from being the best a steam cleaner can offer, it’s still more than enough to help you clean the hardcore dirt in the bathroom or garage. (Or a sticky floor or mat. Or a barbecue grill.) Just take a look at how efficiently it digs the gunk out of a pretty dirty tile grout.

A whole range of 18 attachments definitely help (though I highly doubt you’ll use all of them). But what I really appreciate is that the hose is super long – VERY important for a house with tons of halls and nooks like mine is.

Where Can I Use The McCulloch Mc-1275?

This heavy-duty steam cleaner is pretty versatile, as it can be used on the following:

  • Tiles, granite, laminate, grills, grout, and sealed wood flooring. Its steam mop feature allows you to get into these crevices to clean the dried-up mess or soil stains. The scrub pad paired with the steam tackles tough stains on these surfaces too.
  • Cracks on walls and floors (doesn’t only work on a flat surface). The steam pressure is high enough to literally disintegrate stubborn stains and hardened dirt.
  • Ovens, pots, and plates. Yes, you heard me! Since McCulloch does not need any chemicals to clean, it’s safe to use on your dishes. Knocking two birds with one stone!
  • Windows, shiny surfaces, and glass. McCulloch Mc-1275 comes with a rubber squeegee that can clean glass surfaces, however, be careful not to hold it under too much heat as it will crack.
  • Upholstery and carpets. The machine comes with an upholstery brush that will keep your carpets, rugs, and curtains clean. Perfect for little feet to walk on!

McCulloch Mc-1275 can also be used for your clothes or mattress. The steam produced is so powerful that it goes into bed surfaces to kill bed bugs. (In fact, this machine got famous as a bed bug exterminator! I’m lucky enough not to have had bed bugs, so I can’t personally attest to this.)

When you’re steaming your bed, glide on the surface and do not hold on to one place for too long.

This steam cleaner comes with a 48-ounce capacity which means no constant refill for you! Although it’s a large capacity, it fills up quickly, like 8 minutes. You can clean for 45 minutes straight without stopping, as there is a lockable trigger.

Steamfast SF-370: Overview

steamfast sf-370 overview

Steamfast SF-370 is significantly cheaper, and there are reasons for it. 

Even though it’s comparable to McCulloch in most respects, it falls short at some important points.

The most important being steam temperature and pressure.

I personally found it very weird that the pressure isn’t listed anywhere in the specs, not even in the user manual. It took me some serious research to dig up the info! There’s a reason for that too: the maximum pressure is 40 PSI. But the thing is, that’s only if you give it some room to build up. If not, the working pressure is 20 PSI.

And now to the good sides. Steamfast SF-370 comes with plenty of attachments, all designed to tackle stains of all kinds. It also has steam mop attachments and microfiber pads that are safe and gentle enough to use on sealed floors (wood, tiles, and laminate). Most steam cleaners are not suited for these!

Bottom line, this little guy does most of the ordinary cleaning work and is a decent buy, considering that it’s in the lower price range for a steamer.

Steamfast SF-370’s Performance

This steam cleaning machine is pretty good on hard floors. Its mop head and the washable microfiber pads are ideal for cleaning bathroom tiles without making the entire room smell like an alcohol lab.

Bonus: it does not damage the grout!

The same attachments can be used for sealed wood floors and synthetic floors. Chemical-free cleaning, here we come!

After using the steam mop, the floors dried fairly quickly. Steamfast SF-370 comes with 15 attachments, which makes them great for various surfaces, however, they are not really suited for carpets and upholstery. This is bad news if you’re a pet owner or have toddlers in the house.

It also comes with the squeegee for windows, which allows you to deep clean them without harsh solutions. The steam can make them shine, even if you let some dirt build-up from those times you were feeling lazy. However, you do have to use paper towels to wipe any residue, but a small price to pay for squeaky clean windows.

The machine comes with a brass utility brush that works amazingly on your baked-on grime from outdoor grills. I know you like to avoid this specific chore, I do too, but using Steamfast literally makes it so easy.

The End-Game

Out of all McCulloch products, the Mc-1275 lives up to its heavy-duty name. The cleaner is good for everyday cleaning, especially if you have high-traffic rooms in the house. It can be used in every room, for every type of floor or wall. It’s also a good introductory device to first-time steam users.

Why did I lean towards McCulloch Mc-1275? Here’s why:

  • Design – It has onboard storage for the small accessories and hose. The design is also easy to maneuver around the house.
  • Heavy-duty cleaning, but made easy – It gets the hard-to-reach areas so you don’t have to throw out your back for them.
  • Affordable – It’s moderately priced compared to other steam cleaners. Its functions can compare to the McCulloch Mc-1385 deluxe canister, although this one is more expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hottest steam cleaner?

Steam cleaner units can heat water between 150° and 300° Fahrenheit. That’s pretty hot!

This hot steam can kill viruses, mildew, mold, dust mites and other allergens apart from cleaning your house perfectly.

Can I put vinegar in my McCulloch steam cleaner?

Yes, you can. BUT make sure it’s properly diluted.

Mixing a bit of vinegar in your steam cleaner can prevent excess calcium build-up and offers a natural cleaning aid, without a strong odor.

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